Belford University. 7 Departments. A. Arts 1 person. F. Faculty of Business Management 8 people | 28 documents Faculty of…. Organization for Global Learning Education; Belford University … BBB Directory BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust International Association of…. … Plan with no extra charges. Provides Lifetime Credential Verification Services. Click here to visit Belford University Website (…. Aug 11, 2010 We will never know for sure. … It is a bit suspicious too that on its .org site, the links to University Briefs are inactive, and thus we cannot find out…. Sep 15, 2003 Hi folks, I haven’t seen this site before: for Belford University. Its front…14 posts 8020 Blankenship drive. Houston, TX 77055. US 6305624363. Searching the …. Top Belford University was an organization that offered online unaccredited degrees for „life experience“. The organization maintained a post…. org. Belford University An online University Offers a wide range of courses that. are specifically designed for professionals and… abc6e5c29d
Sep 20, 2012 Pakistani based Belford High School and Belford University sold thousands of …, and … a highly reputable school, which was borrowed from to name the illegitimate site of Ashwood College is also a real school in Australia,…. Apr 12, 2017, and These websites have reportedly been taken down so that…. Oct 8, 2008 Hi guys, is delivering University level degrees but not like all other world universities traditionally do! they offer…. … for high school diplomas and advanced degrees from and Students were led to believe that Belford High School…. On August 31, 2012, Belford High School, Belford University and several of their co-conspirators …, and Jun 14, 2004 Followup: From ECE ( Belford University, whose Web site offers degrees in only 10 days for $249, is not listed in „2003-2004…. But we do know that the university’s claims on its two Web sites ( and of being an accredited institution…

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