This keymacro is designed to work with Cyberduck. In order to use this macro, you will need to be in an FTP connection in which you would like the path to be replaced with the one from the clipboard. Once the FTP transfer completes, the path will be replaced with the path from the clipboard.
KeyMacro Free is 100% trusted and uses no Spyware or other unwanted programs to get what you want from the computer.
KeyMacro Free gets information from your computers clipboard, an application that lets you copy text, web pages, images, links, emails, and other information from the computer screen.
There is no need to install or create an account to use this software.
KeyMacro Free saves all the information in your computer from the clipboard.
You can paste your info into a new text document, email, create a PPT, Excel spreadsheet, etc.
If you do not want the information to be on your clipboard, you can remove it.
KeyMacro Free allows you to copy the text from any application and paste it anywhere at anytime.
It can copy text from applications such as:- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Google Chrome, Google Hangouts, Google Talk, Microsoft Word, Notepad, Thunderbird, Skype, etc.
KeyMacro Free has a large number of features and the installation will only take a few minutes.
KeyMacro Free is a great tool for people who use the internet a lot.
KeyMacro Free is easy to use and works right out of the box.
With KeyMacro Free, you can use it to:
Replace text, tables, images, addresses and URLs with any data from your clipboard.
Insert any text at any point in any document
Search for any text within any document
Replace anything and everything on the clipboard with anything on the computer.
KeyMacro Free features:- A clean user interface.
Automatic copying of text from the web, emails and any other application.
Filtering of data based on text in web sites, emails, etc.
Automatic downloading of PDFs and HTMLs.
Automatic replacing of text with data from the clipboard.
Automatic updating of any document.
Ability to send and receive emails and files using any of the major email applications.
Ability to copy anything from within a website.
Create a new document with any text you copy.
Past a URL from the clipboard into your favorite web 384a16bd22

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-r, –recursive If set, the entire directory will be scanned for all files and subdirectories.
-s, –sort Attribute Defines how the data is sorted.
–ascending Order data in ascending order.
–descending Order data in descending order.
–ignorecase Ignore case when sorting.
–numeric Sort numeric data.
–symbols Sort symbols in their original case.
–regional Sort local characters (EUR, GB, etc.).
–locale Desired locale for sorting.
-e, –encoding Attribute Defines how the data is encoded.
–utf-8 Encoding when sorting UTF-8 strings.
–mbstring Uses the mbstring library to compare strings.
-t, –timer If set, the time needed to sort the specified file is displayed before the command ends.
-l, –list Type Defines the list format.
–bytes List size in bytes (1, 2, 4, 8,…)
–words List size in words (1, 2, 3, 4,…)
–lines List size in lines (1, 2, 3, 4,…)
–byte, –bytes, –word, –lines List size in the specified field.
-h, –help Display the help menu.
–version Display the version menu.
–question Display the question menu.
–exit Display the exit menu.
–exit-after Display the exit after menu.
–close-on-exit If set, the application will not be terminated if the exit menu is pressed.
–debug-output Enable the debug output.
–locale-auto Set the language automatically.
–locale If set, the data is sorted using the selected language.
–sort-auto If set, the data is sorted automatically.
–sort If set, the data is sorted by the first criterion.
–sort-by-criterion If set, the data is sorted by the second criterion.
–sort-by-criterion-clause If set, the data is sorted by the third criterion.
–list-type Specify the list format type.
–files If set, also processes the current file path.
–timeout If set, set the timeout when the timer is used.
–timeout-desc If set, display the time used for the sorting operation.
–timeout-desc-after If set

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