Keymacro is an improved utility to store the frequently used macros of your office computer. It stores up to 100 macros and offers you many useful options.
Keymacro is an improved utility to store the frequently used macros of your office computer. It stores up to 100 macros and offers you many useful options.
Keymacro Review:
The software application is capable of collecting a variety of data about system activities, including user events, Internet activities, programms running, and shutdowns. The interface is relatively straightforward, with three tabs, the first of which is used to manage settings, the second for storing macros, and the third one for tracking and monitoring events.
The system does work at a stable pace and it allows you to select a daily time limit for macros. However, the program can collect a great deal of information about your system, such as operating system version and number of processes.
The trial version offers access to 40 macros and 200,000 daily log events. It’s designed for up to three users and it may require a network connection to work properly.
Installation and interface
As an optional install, you’ll need to download and run the setup file from the website. While the installer doesn’t provide you with a choice, Keymacro won’t mess with your registry settings, so it won’t change any default settings. It may take some time to load the setup pack, but the installation is very straightforward.
A window is opened to a basic interface for managing the program, which is preloaded with 100 macros. You’ll also see a list of recent log events on the left, which can be sorted by category, time and date, and macros. You can select them, and click the „Done“ button to place them in the database. The interface includes options for entering data into the database, installing more macros, and clearing and deleting macros.
Once you start the program, the welcome screen opens, which shows three tabs for selecting options, including performance settings, log settings and general information. The first two tabs contain a list of macros, and you can click them to open the corresponding interfaces. In the last section, you can see a variety of information about the system, including a summary of the program’s activity.
There’s a lot of options for managing macros and viewing log events, but it’s relatively easy to use. The number of macros is limited to 100, and only 8 can be deleted at a time. Log events can be monitored for up to 5,000 per 384a16bd22

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