Maul is a sound-shaping tool, providing distortion, sidechaining and mastering effects. The main sound manipulation of this plugin is the distortion, which can be used to get loud or aggressive effects on the track, which sounds like a guitar going all crazy, an organ blast, a drone, a weird noise or a heavy metal growl.
Also, there’s a sidechain and a masterbus effects where you can use pre-recorded audio or even mix multiple audio tracks to create some amazing sounds.


MAUL is extremely easy to use. You can easily master the presets which are randomly selected by pressing the Random button in the editor. This way, you can get an amazing sound-shaping tool without any efforts at all. Also, it can be used to export presets, either in VST or in AU format. Also, all the settings, including the effect parameters, can be saved and loaded with ease. You can even name and tag presets easily.


MAUL is super easy to use. Using the program’s internal LFOs, you can animate its parameters using the internal MIDI controllers. Also, you can save your presets using the internal browser or load them using MIDI controllers.
Also, if you have used other plugins that require a MIDI controller, you will find it very easy to navigate through MAUL’s presets with these plugins.


In order to get a control over the plugin parameters, you can use external controllers such as your MIDI keyboard or your sound module. You can assign any of the internal LFOs, presets or effects to any of the available controls. Using controllers such as the gain knob on your sound module, you can achieve sound-shaping without even pressing the sound engine of MAUL.


MAUL is a very simple tool that doesn’t require any expensive features. You can do a lot of sound manipulation using very few parameters. Also, the individual parameters can be used to shape the sounds in a very easy way.
MAUL is a great tool for beginners who have no money to invest in expensive plugins.


We have enhanced the plugin’s features over the years. In the first release, we had the 3 drive stages with distortion, saturation and transient shaping. Also, we 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a simple utility that records your keystrokes and saves them as macros for future playback. You can also choose a name for each macro.
When macros are triggered, the keyboard state is unchanged. This makes it safe to record macros while you are typing. Also, macros can be easily triggered by short press of a key, or a quick press of the Alt key.
The following features are available with KEYMACRO:
– Create a new macro or play back a macro recorded in the past.
– Choose the type of macros you want to record: Keystrokes, Mouse clicks, Windows or even entire programs.
– Choose which function of the keyboard should be recorded.
– Record a macro and define a name for it.
– Play back a recorded macro.
– Change the options (optionnal).
– Show the help (tips and tutorial).
Keystrokes macros are useful if you want to do a lot of repetitive actions on a computer. For example, in a presentation you would like to make the same sound on every object on the screen, or show and hide a window. Or simply play a sound when you press a key. Keystrokes can be triggered when pressing keys with SHIFT key, and/or by pressing key combinations such as Alt+F10 (alt-f10).
Mouse clicks:
Mouse click macros are useful when you want to be able to select and manipulate any type of object in a window. For example, you would like to select and copy text, or click a button, or start a web browser. Mouse click macros can be triggered by pressing a mouse button, or a key combination such as Alt+D, Alt+F2.
Windows macros can be used to open any of your programs. When they are triggered, they will open and display the associated program. Windows macros can be triggered by pressing any key, or a key combination such as Alt+Space (alt-space). The Windows key cannot be used for that.
Program macros can be used to run any type of program. When they are triggered, they will run the program and display its main window. Program macros can be triggered by pressing any key, or a key combination such as Alt+F12 (alt-f12). The Windows key cannot be used for that.
Available templates
You can use KEYMACRO with the following templates, if you


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