Help to turn Multi Viewer into an application that will get well acquainted with even the most demanding computer users.
For those who have tried Multi Viewer’s capabilities, you will realize why KEYMACRO is the unique solution for everyday users!
Since the author’s constant goal is to provide the user with professional solutions, the final version of KEYMACRO includes the following functionality:

Keyboard Macro Creation and Editing

Note: The current keyboard macros are designed specifically for Multi Viewer. As a result, only those functions are included that Multi Viewer provides.

Keyboard Macro Creation
Create a new keyboard macro. The keyboard macro will be stored in a way that it can be used without the original application.

Keyboard Macro Editing
Modify an existing keyboard macro.

Supported Options

— Keyboard macro name
— Keyboard macro actions
— Keyboard macro type (on-click or off-click)

Deleting a Keyboard Macro
Remove the keyboard macro from the working environment. It will no longer be possible to use the macro without the original application. The keyboard macro will also no longer appear in the list of available macros.

GUI Code
Actions file.


— Root folder of templates (2 KB)
— 100 fonts (1 KB)


— Keyword database (8 KB)
— Keyboard macros library (2 KB)


— Preview (0.1 KB)
— Pan (0.1 KB)
— Zoom (0.1 KB)
— Crop (0.2 KB)
— Save (0.1 KB)
— TIFF image conversion (0.5 KB)
— JPG image conversion (0.5 KB)
— Multi-layer TIFF image conversion (0.8 KB)
— PSD image conversion (0.5 KB)
— Anaglyph image conversion (0.2 KB)
— Interlaced image conversion (0.5 KB)
— GIF animation conversion (1.0 KB)


— Window settings (0.1 KB)
— Auto display settings (0.1 KB)
— Label settings (0.1 KB)
— Toolbar settings (0.1 KB)
— Show „toolbar“ (0.1 KB)


— Command history (0.2 KB)
— Menu item history ( 384a16bd22

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Converts data from 802.11 hardware, like cards, drives, etc., into format that is understood by the NetSurveyor application.
NetSurveyor is a set of professional tools developed by MAXIMA which enables administrators to monitor the strength of the beacon signal, work with information about the Wi-Fi coverage, check the signal propagation, find unauthorized access points, calculate differential beacon qualities, and capture log files.
It works with most hardware adapters having the NDIS 5.x driver.
It is available for download at our website

NetSurveyor gathers and displays information concerning the wireless access points it detects, enabling users to verify the network configuration and the signal strength.
Verify access point coverage for Wi-Fi networks
NetSurveyor can be used as a connection troubleshooting application to check the Wi-Fi coverage and detect unauthorized access points. It enables administrators to analyze the evolution of the beacon quality in real time for each access point it finds and retrieve channel usage, displaying all the data in conclusive, colored graphs.
The application provides you with detailed information about each wireless network it identifies, as well as access points and client workstations. It continuously monitors the signal strength, showing its timecourse within a simple line chart. Additionally, it can calculate the differential beacon qualities and the usage of the 802.11 channels, automatically generating its timecourse, a heatmap and a spectogram.
Logging and reporting possibilities
Aside from data capturing and reporting, NetSurveyor comes with an integrated recording function. This helps you capture scans, save the log files to your computer and view the data later in time using NetPlayer.
Alternatively, you can generate complete reports in PDF format and save them to your computer so as to share them with others.
A reliable Wi-Fi network diagnostics application
NetSurveyor aims to help administrators troubleshoot Wi-Fi connections and verify that the network configuration is correct. It provides compatibility with most adapters having the NDIS 5.x driver installed.
With the help of this application, not only that you can monitor access points to your Wi-Fi networks, but also discover the presence of unauthorized hotspots.
KEYMACRO Description:
Converts data from 802.11 hardware, like cards, drives, etc., into format that is understood by the NetSurveyor application.
NetSurveyor is a set of professional tools

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