As its name accurately states, OfflineRegistryFinder is a specialized piece of software that makes it as simple as possible for you to find keys, values, and other types of data from any external drive.
What is OfflineRegistryFinder and what can it do for you
Not only this, but this nifty little utility can also be employed to help you scan your computer's OS for registry files. To do this, you are required to first create a registry snapshot since scanning and locating data within a snapshot is generally faster than scanning the registry of an active system.
Therefore, the principal benefit that this app brings is the fact that it allows you to select any of results and export them to a .reg files which, of course, can be imported and used later in the built-in RegEdit tool.
To make things even better, it's also incredibly easy to get along with. For starters, it does not require installation or any type of third-party components to work on all versions of Windows above XP.
Locate registry-related data with the utmost ease
Simply download the archive, unzip it, and run the application via its designated executable file. Before we dive a bit deeper, please note that you should consider providing the application with full administrative rights, especially if you want to create a registry snapshot.
That said, things are quite straightforward from here onwards: just select the folder that contains the registry files from the Registry Search Options, and optionally use the Automatic Fill button to make the job easier, choose the search criteria from the bottom part of the window and click the Ok button to start the search.
Creating registry snapshots takes almost the same amount of effort, as you only need to access the feature from the File menu, select the folder where you want to save the snapshot and all registry hives.
Probably the most novice-accessible app for scanning registry files
All things considered, OfflineRegistryFinder is an efficient utility that delivers instant results without forcing you to go through complicated procedures in order to locate and handle registry files from both external and local drives.

Download 🔗

Download 🔗

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OfflineRegistryFinder 4.58.436 Free For Windows

This macro will perform a detailed registry scan. The scan includes every possible registry key, value, and key path in the registry and archives them. Because of the way that the registry works, it’s very common that you will find registry keys that are not listed on any of the Windows search tools.

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What’s New in the OfflineRegistryFinder?

OfflineRegistryFinder is a registry cleaner that makes it as simple as possible for you to locate, clean and backup any registry-related data on your computer.
Locate Registry-related Data
It automatically locates and locates registry-related data from external and internal drives (including the C: and D: drives) without forcing you to execute complicated registry scanning procedures. is not responsible for the content, accuracy or quality of any external website. does not endorse or recommend any of the products advertised on any of the reviewed websites below.(CNN) It appears that by the time this week’s Women’s World Cup Final ends, the USA will have gotten exactly what it wanted, and deserved.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 1GHz or faster
Memory: 256MB of RAM
Processor: 2GHz or faster
Memory: 512MB of RAM
Game is 60FPS.
The game does not have support for FireTouches, so if you have a FireTouch you will need to find another game.
The game is a straight port.
The game runs at a fixed 60FPS.

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