As a man, I have little personal insight into the struggles women face with the scale in the wake of menopause and thereafter. However, as a professional, I can tell you I see many women in this exact situation who are looking for answers, and for that reason I set out to find some.

The first thing is to remember what the extra weight is for. That extra weight is for the little baby growing inside of you. If a little extra weight means a healthy baby, then bring it on! Most women gain between 20-50 pounds during pregnancy. This is completely normal as pregnancy weight gain is essential to keeping mother and baby healthy.

When you restrict your food intake you are constantly hungry and lack the nutrients you need to maintain physical health. This situation cannot be sustained in fast weight gain the long term.

Eating Three Large Meals: Studies have shown that it is better for weight loss to eat six small meals daily than to eat two or three large ones. Eating six small meals spread out over the entire day, helps regulate blood sugar and control cravings. Just be sure that the meals are small and total up to your needed calories intake.

I call this a „lack of context in micro doings“ and behind this innocent name you can find the reason why many people do not achieve the permanent results they want. This might be the EXACT reason YOU haven’t gained weight fast and in a healthy way.

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