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Clyton Videos: the CM of Beggs and co-workers^[@CR39]^, where a post-thawing restoration of normal bi-periodic wing activity was observed. Therefore, it may be important to take the temperature dynamics into account when measuring the activity of an individual colony, or even comparing the activity of two colonies during a given phase of the freezing process.

The high levels of freezing tolerance exhibited by three different, though very similar, honey bee species raises questions about the role of the brain in the loss of brain function during freezing. On the one hand, the total loss of the ability to fly after the loss of the brain is likely to be due to the loss of the behaviour, while on the other hand the bees‘ ability to freeze remains even in the absence of a brain. Therefore, an important next step for future research on the freezing behaviour of bees will be to examine the contribution of different organ systems to the ability of an animal to survive freezing. A comparative analysis of the freezing behaviour of individuals of different brain sizes would help to address this issue.

Supplementary information


Supplementary Information.

**Publisher’s note** Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

Supplementary information

is available for this paper at 10.1038/s41598-020-63044-9.

We would like to thank Tobias Scharf, who helped with the freezing experiments, Sarah Unmack for technical help and all of the staff at the BBSRC Bee Research facility for their assistance. This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to J.J.M. (NSF-IOS-1457271) and by the German Research Foundation to T.H. (DFG HA 1071/20-1). T.H. and C.M

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The data of the study of blood serum biotransformation function were obtained by questionnaire in a study group of individuals working in a pulp and paper production plant with a marked dust effect and in a group of healthy controls. A complex of biochemical tests comprising 8 activities of the alimentary canal was used in assessing functional state of the liver and the working capacity of the organism. The results of biochemical analysis of the serum taken from a pulp and paper production workers exhibited features of functional hypertrophy of the liver in the presence of normal activity of its functional biotransformation. The data obtained by questionnaire suggested that changes in biochemical markers had a favourable prognostic value regarding maintenance of a state of adequate body condition and thus the working capacity of the pulp and paper production workers.Frank A. Coughlin

Frank A. Coughlin (June 26, 1877 – November 15, 1967) was a soldier in the United States Army and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in the Spanish–American War.

Coughlin was born in Cumberland, Rhode Island on June 26, 1877. He joined the Army from Boston, Massachusetts in July 1897, and was sent to the Philippines with the 8th Cavalry. In May 1898, he was serving as a first sergeant with Company B of the 8th Cavalry in the Battle of Manila, and he was awarded the Medal of Honor a year later for his actions during the battle.

Coughlin left the Army in October 1899, and he died at the age of 88 on November 15, 1967.

Medal of Honor citation
Coughlin’s official Medal of Honor citation reads:

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