Retail shops use digital signage to display currently available offers, discounts or advertisements in plain sight for their customers to see. Usually, screens are placed inside the stores or in large retail shops and customers can check out the information displayed on them as they walk through the store. The playback on all these screens is usually controlled from a single computer using an application such as Easy Multi Display.
Wizard-based configuration 
Easy Multi Display supports up to seven screens, one being the control screen and all the others display screens. In videowall mode, it can manage up to a dozen screens, allowing online streaming and more. It is designed to make screen broadcasting for companies much easier, without having to go through a complex configuration process.
Speaking of configuration, you will be happy to find out that Easy Multi Display features a wizard-based interface, allowing you to set up all the displays, one by one, as described below.
Choose what to display on each screen 
The first step of the wizard requires you to select the number of TVs or displays that you will be using. As mentioned before, the maximum number of displays is six.
Easy Multi Display then enables you to configure each display, one by one. First, you must select the number of areas you want to include on a display and choose the layout of the areas. The application supports 4 areas at most.
Next, you must choose what to display on each area on a display. If a website is your go-to item, then you should know that Easy Multi Display enables you to set up a few parameters, such as the page zoom level, the vertical and the horizontal pixel positions of the content to show, and scrolling-related options. You can instruct Easy Multi Display to show more than one webpage, switching between them at a specific time interval. Alternatively, Easy Multi Display can also play one or more media files on the digital signage or roll out a photo slideshow.
Digital signage management tool 
Thanks to the wizard-based interface, working with Easy Multi Display is very simple. It can play media files of various types or broadcast online videos, social networks and webpages. In conclusion, it can be of great use to retailers of all sizes.      

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Easy Multi Display is a digital signage software that lets you manage a dozen screens. The wizard interface makes it easy to configure all the screens you will be using.
Multimedia and Social Networks Management 
In addition to video streaming, Easy Multi Display supports managing media files from a variety of sources, including DVDs, USB flash drives and streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. In addition to managing media files, Easy Multi Display supports a number of social networks and lets you display live updates from your website.
You can set up a display that is always updated with news, products, services, and more from your favorite online news outlets. For example, you can include a video news ticker on your screen that shows the latest headlines of all the news sites you subscribe to. Alternatively, you can use Easy Multi Display to showcase your social network feeds, displaying the contents of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
Easy Multi Display offers all-in-one solution to retailers to manage their digital signage and communicate with their customers.

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Are there any documents to help with the setup and configuration?
You can find the following documents, which contain a lot of information about the Easy Multi Display setup and configuration:
Guide for Setup and Configuration of the Easy Multi Display: Please click here.

How can I see all the screens available in Easy Multi Display?
You can find the list of all the screens that can be used in Easy Multi Display using the wizard interface:

The list of screens that can be used in Easy Multi Display: Please click here.

What kind of video and audio files can Easy Multi Display play?
You can use any types of video and audio files in Easy Multi Display. They can be downloaded from the internet, DVD, USB flash drive, or streaming services.

What is the minimum screen resolution and pixel size of Easy Multi Display?
The minimum resolution supported by Easy Multi Display is 640×480 pixel resolution, while the minimum pixel size is 64×48 pixels.

How can I change the screen resolution and pixel size of the Easy Multi Display?

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•Ability to broadcast up to 6 screens at the same time in full screen mode.
•Ability to switch between screens on the fly.
•Ability to display up to 6 different websites on each screen at once.
•Ability to display 3D backgrounds on screens.
•Ability to display PDFs, PSDs and JPGs as picture-in-picture windows.
•Ability to display 3D screensavers or graphic slideshows.
•Ability to play back.mp3,.wma,.aac,.wav and.flv files.
•Ability to play back RSS/XML feeds.
•Ability to display pictures and videos on top of websites.
•Ability to display information, advertising, and merchandises.
•Ability to display videos with 3D rotation and scaled zoom.
•Ability to display video on screens, while enabling a bar on the top of the screen to play or pause the video.
•Ability to perform livestreaming.
•Ability to add images and videos to screens using Media files.
•Ability to show 3D models and pictures.
•Ability to display rich text messages or ads on top of images.
•Ability to display full screen images.
•Ability to set up automatic screen change to play full screen videos.
•Ability to set up full screen screensavers.
•Ability to set up webcams and microphones.
•Ability to set up Wi-Fi.
•Ability to set up DNS records.
•Ability to set up serial numbers.
•Ability to play back one or more RSS/XML feeds.
•Ability to play back MP3, WMA, AAC and FLV files.
•Ability to use display objects.
•Ability to use email addresses as passwords.
•Ability to assign objects to different screens.
•Ability to encrypt passwords.
•Ability to change the fonts, colors and logos.
•Ability to change the fonts, colors and logos.
•Ability to show the date on the bottom of screens.
•Ability to add or change text messages.
•Ability to use your computer as a server.
•Ability to add links in the screens.
•Ability to use a virtual keyboard.
•Ability to use password protected directories.
•Ability to use a remote control for each screen.
•Ability to use an IR remote control.
•Ability to set up still image screensavers.
•Ability to use

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What’s New in the?

Easy Multi Display ( a display management application for Windows. Its purpose is to make the management of various displays in a retail store much easier.

]]>Smart TV as a community hub 
Tue, 17 Jul 2015 10:16:16 +0000 Smart TV isn’t just a passing fad. It has come to stay and is indeed a very important part of a TV set’s value proposition. Marketers and retailers are beginning to understand that the Smart TV needs to be used not only to direct content to consumers, but also to be a media hub. With the […]

]]>Community-driven Smart TV isn’t just a passing fad. It has come to stay and is indeed a very important part of a TV set’s value proposition. Marketers and retailers are beginning to understand that the Smart TV needs to be used not only to direct content to consumers, but also to be a media hub. With the ability to pause the show and pick up from where you left off, it is all that much more important to be able to share information and communicate directly with your community in a different way.

As a social hub, Smart TV can be used to display advertising, interact with your consumers, enable customer feedback and to encourage brand awareness. At the same time, you can make available a host of services that have a direct and immediate connection with your customers. With the right application, you can easily promote your own community as well as leverage the huge number of third party content that is already available.

You don’t have to be a television company, Internet Service Provider or media mogul to leverage your Smart TV’s social capabilities. Just focus on promoting your own community and connecting it with your consumers.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, take a look at these seven ideas:

Offer better communication to your customers by allowing your customers to share their comments and feedback.

Introduce and promote a wide array of community-driven apps, content and services.

Let your customers connect and communicate more quickly and easily.

Increase the sales of your own apps, products and services.

Promote and learn from your customer’s knowledge and experience.

Make your website and customers more available to your community.

Break new ground by leveraging your Smart TV’s social capabilities to collaborate and share with your community.

After considering all seven ideas, you may find your Smart TV community can be much bigger and stronger than you first thought.

]]>How to use Facebook as a Community for Smart TV http

System Requirements:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (64bit)
3.0 GHz Processor or faster
2 GHz Graphics Card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 recommended, AMD Radeon R9 390 recommended)
2 GB Available Hard Drive space
SD card reader
To use the application:
Download and install GOG’s game-of-the-year downloads pack, this includes the new official version of Rogue Legacy as well as an

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