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What’s New In?

Generate ‚Em! is a little application which will help you to automatically create „good passwords“. A „good password“ is a password, that is not a word and contains numbers and letters. The program also copies the new password to the clipboard automatically.

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What do you think about it? Would you use this feature?

The application has been created for free use. The use of my software has been licensed by me, otherwise there is no warranty for the software. You can use the application according to its license conditions.


You can use the software to create documents (doc, rtf, html,…) or to edit any other files. You can use the software to make other programs or to make any changes in this software. You can modify the code and also post it on the web. The code is licensed according to the terms of the BSD License.How is food one of the most powerful tools we have in maintaining our wellness? At Heather’s Healthy Wellness we believe that all foods, natural or processed, help in maintaining our physical, mental and emotional wellness. Our philosophy is simple – “if it’s good for you, we’re all good!”

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System Requirements:

Windows PC
OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium-IV 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9c compatible graphics card, 256MB or more
DirectX: version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: Microsoft® DirectX® compatible
Network: Internet connection
Input Device: keyboard & mouse
Mac OS X 10.

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