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To summarize, lite is an excellent choice and a practical, smoothly-working code editor. If you are Lua developer and looking for a tool that can help you write clean code, offers code completion suggestions, is super-customizable via plug-ins, and offers a diverse palette theme for its interface, lite is the solution. Check its walk-through guides on GitHub.
lite, a code editor, has an internal structure that can be easily customized through a Lua code. Thanks to its simplicity, it can be easily used for most purposes. When compared to a regular code editor, lite is light and thus makes all the necessary operations easier. Moreover, thanks to the Lua code, it is also extremely customizable.
lite in the words of the creators


Fusionbox is also a multi-language code editor and it is free software. For the purpose of an easy learning, I recommend it.
It is focused in a simple syntax and it can be used with multiple programming languages like C#, Python, PHP, and Ruby among others. It is multi-platform but at this moment it is only released for Windows.
Some of its pros:

Very simple interface
Extremely fast: The interface is very nice and it is easy to use.
The editor is fully customizable.
Has several languages support.
Good search.

Some of its cons:

Does not support all modern features like Intellisense, which would be very useful for you, because you are a C++ developer.
The user interface (GUI) is very basic and has a bad appearance.

As I have said, it is also a light code editor that you can install on a VirtualBox or a VMware virtual machine and it is highly recommended, because it is really easy to learn.


If you are using Ubuntu, then I suggest you check out geany. It is a free open source project, and what I have found works very well for doing C++ development. It has a full-featured editor, works with SQL for database access, as well as syntax coloring. It is lightweight, and very fast to load as well. It is included in all the standard Ubuntu packages, so all you need to do is ‚apt-get install geany‘.
However, for all the benefits I listed, it still has a few cons that make it a poor choice for a beginner:

It has very

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The KEYMACRO is a utility (written in the Python programming language) for keying in data into spreadsheets using the Windows API. It is focused on developing a functional file-entry utility that is:
Extremely easy to use (for the novice)
Built upon an intuitive user interface and easy to use menus
Simple to maintain
Based upon standard Windows commands, NOT Windows APIs
To test for the existence of a file, you can type: file.txt
File creation would be: file.txt
Read from file: file.txt
Create a file and append to a file: file.txt
Split one or more tab-delimited files into separate files: file.txt
Create a file by calling a Microsoft DOS command: file.cmd
Append to file: file.cmd

Good morning, here is the code I have so far:
import os, sys
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk
root = Tk()
root.title(‚1. tkinter basics‘)
frame= Frame(root)

def askfile():
filename = askopenfilename(initialdir=“/home/josh/Desktop“,title=“Open a file“)
openfilename = open(filename, „r“).read()
print „File was opened“
print openfilename

def askentry():
entry = Entry(root)
entry.insert(0, „Enter your entry here“)

def askentryt():
entryt = Entry(root)
entryt.insert(0, „Enter your entry here“)

def submitentry():
if entry.get() == „test“:
print „WORKING“

def askword():
word = Entry(root)

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Licensed under the MIT License.


Yet another, currently unsupported, answer.
I found a solution. It’s not really as slim and pretty as’s answer.
It’s called jEdit.

The best thing is that the package has over 3,000,000 downloads.


You could use PyCharm, which is a very nice IDE for python and has support for Lua.

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#ifdef BN_MP_DIV_3_C
/* LibTomMath, multiple-precision integer library — Tom St Denis
* LibTomMath is a library that provides multiple-precision
* integer arithmetic as well as number theoretic functionality.
* The library was designed directly after the MPI library by
* Michael Fromberger but has been written from scratch with
* additional optimizations in place.
* The library is free for all purposes without any express
* guarantee it works.
* Tom St Denis,,

/* divide by 3 in constant time */
mp_div_3(mp_int * a, mp_int * c, mp_digit * d)
mp_int x;
mp_word q;
int res, bit;

/* if the top two words of a are zero… */
if ((a->used == 0) || (a->dp[0] == 0) || (a->dp[1] == 0)) {
return MP_VAL;

What’s New In Lite?

An interesting tool that emulates the core principles of the programming language it is used for — Lua.
Key Features:
– Robust, elegant, and simple interface
– Fully customizable interface
– Quick and intuitive to use
– A short document on GitHub (

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As a hobbyist software developer, I try to find the balance between simplicity and performance.
However, I am still not fully sure where I find it.
With performance, I strive for it to be on par with the web browsers that I use on a daily basis. This is why I use Lightroom as a reference, and look at its rendering engine.
As far as complexity goes, I try to keep it at a minimum.
I also look at the execution engine: is it well suited for processing complex data structures? In this case, I found it is, but that complexity could be achieved on the client side using Javascript.
So, what do you think?
What is your take on the subject?

„Imagination is a fragile thing. It can be wound up and put away. It can be switched off and hidden. It can be lost. Imagination is something that you give away to a child.“ – Lewis Thomas
These are words of wisdom to ponder as you start a new year.
Happy New Year everyone, and have a prosperous one.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (or Windows 8)
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: DirectX® 11 (64-bit) with 1280×800 Display
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: 1280×800 Display
Key Features:
Sci-Fi Maze Game – A Sci-Fi Maze Game set in a cyberpunk atmosphere
Space Battle Game –

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