MessageBox is a useful application that runs via command-line and enables you to use it in you can use in batch files in order to display a message box.
The user will be able to choose among these possible answers: YES/NO, OK/CANCEL, YES/NO/CANCEL.

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*Important Note*
Cracked MessageBox With Keygen by default doesn’t work on the screen with red color.
Solution 1:
Use the code I posted below in order to use the MessageBox in its normal form.
Create the MessageBox type and write the code in the OnClick method.
using System;
using System.Text;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Threading;

public partial class Form1 : Form {
[DllImport(„user32.dll“, SetLastError = true)]
private static extern IntPtr MessageBox(IntPtr hWnd, String text, String caption, int type);

public Form1() {

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
var message = new MessageBoxIcon() {
MessageBoxType = MessageBoxButtons.OK,
Caption = „Question“,
Icon = MessageBoxIcon.Question

switch (MessageBox(this, „Question“, „Caption“, message)) {
case MessageBoxResult.Yes:
case MessageBoxResult.No:

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The macro KEYMACRO allows you to type a key with the keyboard.
The macro allows you to type a single key (0 to 9, A to Z, and a to z) on the standard keyboard.
Supports to create a sequence of keystrokes, with the application you can use at the same time, several sequences of keystrokes with different parameter sets.
The macro can be used to perform different functions, you can call various actions, such as play a sound or open a program.
Examples of use:
To play the sound „dap“ by pressing the key STRING.
Inside of the program KEYMACRO, you can add the symbol * to the beginning or end of a string of keys. The symbol * is entered by pressing the key F10.
This symbol allows you to indicate that the keystrokes which follow should all be pressed at the same time.
Please refer to the manual for further information on these symbols.
Key strings are added at the end of a macro, that is, the program should be started the macro, the macro, the key string, and then the end.
Examples of use:
Example of use:
This is an example of use of the macros of the program KEYMACRO.
You can save the program with the name DAPMAKMACRO. In the program key macro:
#Example of use
#The macros displayed in the program, must be followed by the symbol * to indicate the key string.
#Example of use:
#If you set the program to run the following macro, the program will be launched, the macro, the key string, and the symbol * and end.

MessageBox [2022]

This add-on adds a graphical button named User::MessageBox.
A dialog will be shown when the user clicks on this button.

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Risograph Studio 3.02.08

Author: fbiscardi

This add-on allows you to draw text with an erasable pen on a blank page in Risograph Studio.

Clipper Plus 0.99

Author: TheClipper

Clipper Plus allows you to clipp layers and save them in.pdf format.

RSS to PDF Converter 1.8

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Rollei Luster Powder 100ML


Luster Powder is Rollei’s high quality hairsetting powder that gives hair a shiny and lustrous look. This hair setting powder, especially suitable for „on the go“ styling, is easy to use and can be mixed with a little water to make a paste. Can be left to set or set immediately with a blowdryer. Apply a few dabs to dry hair before blowdrying.

RSS to PDF Converter 1.8

Author: Digipro

This add-on allows you to convert RSS to PDF format.

Google Spreadsheet 0.4.4

Author: Antoine Clavreul

This add-on allows you to edit Google Spreadsheets files. It is very similar to the Web based applications „Google Spreadsheet“ and „Google Calendar“. It can be used to edit the workbook and worksheet from within the Internet Explorer web browser. All the actions are similar to the editing „Google Spreadsheet“. You can add, delete, create a new sheet or edit the different elements of the page. A new version is available.

Smoother Plus 0.2

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This add-on allows you to adjust the Smoother’s settings.


Author: wizzyw

Bookmarklets are small, simple snippets of code that you can place on your browser’s Bookmarks toolbar. They open certain web sites or web pages in certain tabs of your browser without you having to

What’s New in the?

Originally posted by M.G. Sullivan It displays a simple message box. By using different buttons, you can display different types of messages. For example, you can use the commands:





It displays a simple message box. By using different buttons, you can display different types of messages. For example, you can use the commands:





Copy Dialog is an integrated application which provides you with a dialog that asks you to enter the name of the source file, the target directory and the name of the copy object. When you click OK, the application copies the selected file from the source to the target.

This is a simple batch file that enables you to open a password protected PDF file.The Ministry of Finance today released the second part of this year’s Economic and Fiscal Report. In it, the government reiterates its policy intentions in terms of the economic and fiscal situation for the coming year.

Citation: 1. The Minister of Finance in the presence of the Economic and Fiscal Committee (EFC) of the House of Representatives and the Ministers of the Treasury, Public Service and Economic Affairs chaired by the Minister for Finance, gave the following statement:

“This year, the government is fulfilling its commitments to boost domestic demand by expanding the social safety net and increasing employment. The government’s contribution to fiscal consolidation is being prioritized to ensure that non-performing loans are not used to fund day-to-day spending. The government is also strengthening our external position, particularly with regards to global liquidity, and we remain committed to our overall macroeconomic stabilisation and sound growth strategy.

“In 2018, the government will continue to implement its series of important structural economic reforms, including the recently launched National Productivity Strategy, to streamline the regulation environment and implement a strategic approach to infrastructure development. The government will also focus on consolidating public finances, addressing the fiscal imbalances of the past and the future, as well as on strengthening the tax system and strengthening anti-corruption measures.

“Given the substantial resources required for the implementation of these measures, we remain committed to implementing measures to ensure that the government is able to fund the investments necessary for the country’s continued growth in the medium- to long-term. However, this will require that the liquidity available to the government is adequate. In this regard, we are expecting a slowdown in the economy in 2018. As a result, in order to ensure a continued adequate supply of funds, we have increased the cap on expenditure and increased the number of non-performing loans (NPLs) that can be used for the purposes of paying for goods and services to 90 per cent.

“In line with our obligations

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1.8GHz or faster Dual Core CPU
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB DirectX® 9 compatible video card (not included in the download)
Hard Drive Space: 10GB free hard disk space available (15GB recommended)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible audio device with 32-bit stereo support (not included in the download)
Additional Notes:
The game is compatible with Windows XP/

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