A set of applications for your computer that will boost your personal development. Currently it contains Journal (Daylog), Goals and PDKit online apps.
Give Personal Development Kit a try to see what it’s really capable of!



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The Personal Development Kit Serial Key (PDK) is a set of programs, available to you as a client, for using your computer to boost your personal development. The programs in the kit contain proven techniques that you can use, immediately, to change your life for the better. The programs are:
Journal – provide a daily record of the day’s activities, so you can review and evaluate your performance.
Goals – track your daily activities with the goal of achieving more in the future.
PDKit – take your information and give it to you in an organized way so you can decide what to do with it.
The kit is a powerful tool – and you can have it working for you in the first week.
What can you do with Personal Development Kit Activation Code?
Personal Development Kit Activation Code uses a technique called Cognitive Therapy that has been proven to work.
Journal is a program for use with the Personal Development Kit Free Download. It is used to improve your memory by forcing you to make a daily record of your activities.
You will need to enter your everyday activities, including what you do, who you see, where you go, and anything else you think is important.
When you look back over your entries, you can see what you were doing at each time and can make comparisons. You can also make predictions for the future, to help you set goals.

Managing Personal Time

Managing Personal Time

The most critical time management skill is creating a plan that allows you to achieve your goals. This plan should work for you.
A Time Management Plan will help you to:
•know where you are going
•know what you are going to do
•know how you are going to do it.
The Time Management Plan is not a set of rules.
You will need to do most things in the following order.
•Set your goals
•Make a list of the activities you need to do
•Choose the activities that you will do.
•Make sure that the activities you choose are the ones that you really need to do.
•Write the lists of the different activities you will do.
•Decide which of the activities are to be done at home and which are to be done at work.
•Be prepared for interruptions.
•Use your plan.
•Note how effective you have been at keeping your commitments.
•Review your plan regularly.
At first, your time management plan may seem overwhelming. You will find it easier to start

Personal Development Kit With License Code Free

Journals allow you to set time limits to activities you want to accomplish. When you complete the Journal, it becomes a part of your Goal. The Goal will always be available.
Change your selected Journal day
The selected Journal day can be changed after it was created.
Disable (turn off) the selected Journal day
Once the selected Journal day is turned off, it will never again appear in your Goals.
Enable (turn on) the selected Journal day
Once the selected Journal day is turned on, it will appear in your Goals again.
Revert to the original Journal day
Once the selected Journal day was changed to another Journal day, it will be reverted to the original Journal day.
Revert to the last date when the selected Journal day appeared in your Goals
Once the selected Journal day was turned on and changed to another Journal day, it will be reverted to the last date when it appeared in your Goals.
Revert all the changes made to the selected Journal day
Once the selected Journal day was turned off and turned on, it will be reverted to the last date when it was turned off and turned on.
Revert all the changes made to the selected Journal day
Once the selected Journal day was disabled and enabled, it will be reverted to the last date when it was disabled and enabled.
Calculate the time spent on activities of the selected Journal day
The time spent on the selected Journal day can be displayed, but you will not be able to change it.
Set the time limit of the selected Journal day
The time limit of the selected Journal day can be changed. The time limit will be reset when changing it.
Delete the selected Journal day
The selected Journal day will be deleted, and the remaining Journals will be rearranged.
Add a new Journal
You will be asked to select the Journal day in which you want to record a new Journal.
Add a new Goal
You will be asked to select the goal you want to track.
Add a new Task
You will be asked to select the task you want to track.
Add a new PDKit Task
You will be asked to select the task you want to track.
Print the selected Journal
The selected Journal will be printed and will be displayed on your computer.
Select all the items that belong to a category (for example, Journal days, Goals, Tasks, PDKit tasks)
You can select all the Journal days in your

Personal Development Kit For Windows

Personal Development Kit was originally developed to be a set of applications to help you keep your tasks and goals organized. Since then, the number of applications has grown and it now contains different applications such as a journal, a goals manager and a personal dashboard.
It is a set of apps that will help you on your personal development.
What’s New in This Release:
We’re working on a few fixes so we can release version 1.3.1 as soon as possible. Please wait a few days before you report any issues.
What’s New in 0.3.0:
* Friends : Add an API endpoint for Friends
* YouTube : Search YouTube to get content.
* Facebook : Add an API endpoint for Facebook.
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What’s New In Personal Development Kit?

A simple journal for your personal development. Write down your goals, what you’ve learned, tips, rambling thoughts, funny stories, whatever you want.

A simple to-do list app, to keep yourself on track. Add as many tasks as you wish. The order is automatically arranged by name and time.

The PDKit is a collection of online resources for personal development. The following is a list of links to learning sites.

Written in Go.
All files are stored in your home directory.
If you want to contact me, please send a mail to: mg@pdcash.org.
If you want to read about the development and history of Personal Development Kit, please visit my blog

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System Requirements:

-Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 with 64bit
-1GHz Dual Core Processor
-Nvidia GTX 460 1GB
-Nvidia GTX 470 2GB
-Nvidia GTX 575 2GB
-Nvidia GTX 660 3GB
-Nvidia GTX 700 series 4GB
-Nvidia GTX 980 4GB
-Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB
-Intel i3/i5/i7 Dual Core Processor


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