Regardless of you being a professional or an amateur photographer, you have certainly encountered situations when your photos were either blurred or slightly out of focus. Fortunately, you can partially repair them with the help of almost any photo editor that comes sharpening features.
This said, Serious Photo is a user-friendly and simplistic piece of software that is designed from the ground up to help you remove the blur from your photos.
The first thing you should know is that Serious Photo is no miracle worker, as it can only partially reduce the blur effect.
Simplistic user interface
Getting to grips with the application is hardly difficult, as it comes with an intuitive main window and a simplified workflow. Upon launching the application, you are met by a clutter-free user interface that makes it very easy for you to access the app's features.
In a few words, working with Serious Photo can be described as follows: simply load the picture, choose the blur removal strength (small, medium and large) or rely on the app's automatic feature and click the designated button for starting the editing process.
Straightforward workflow thanks to its minimal set of features
Since the app basically sharpens your picture, chances are that your photos can become slightly 'noisy'. The app partly compensates for this typical drawback by helping you reduce the noise.
Also useful is the fact that the utility enables you to reduce the ringing effect and to choose the quality of the resulting photo. Also useful is the fact that it comes with a quick mini-tutorial that helps you get to grips with the app's basic features.
Would benefit greatly from a few extra features
While the app works as it should, there is still room for improvement. For example, the utility does not come with drag and drop support, therefore forcing you to load your pictures using the menu, which takes a bit more time.
Also, the application does not allow you to fine tune the effect of reducing the blur from your photos, as you can only rely on three designated values. The noise reducing feature is even more limiting, as you cannot control anything more than turning it on or off.
A lightweight software solution for reducing the blur effect from photos
All in all, Serious Photo is a simple and user-friendly app that helps you reduce the blur from your photos. Evidently, there is only so much an app of this sort can really do, as all photographers out there can tell you – once a photo is out of focus or shaken, there is nothing you can do to make it perfect.







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Serious Photo is a user-friendly, lightweight photo editing application. It is for both amateurs and professionals who want to edit and sharpen their pictures easily.
In this article, you will learn how to sharpen your blurred and low-quality photos. There are many ways that you can sharpen your photos such as enhancing the details, sharpening the image, and improving the overall quality of the photo. The most popular is the SHARPEN process. So, in this article, we will learn how to use the SHARPEN technique to sharpen a blurry photo.

The popular photo editing software Photoshop CS6 has been granted a major update to its graphics engine, which will give users of the app a major performance boost, while also pushing a new look.

I must admit, the entire first day of the photoshop CS6 was absolutely boring. I tried to read through all the articles on the Adobe website, but it was tough to get motivated to do anything.

New Features

After getting over my own post-apocalyptic sense of exhaustion, I was able to start digging through the massive list of what has changed in Photoshop CS6.

The most obvious thing is that all users should see a massive improvement in speed when editing images. Not only is it faster, but the overall workflow of the app feels much smoother. The editor is much more responsive and a lot of the small tasks that I often perform with the app have been streamlined.

Another big change is that there is now a much cleaner UI. Gone are the extra menus and features that you don’t need when working with images. Instead, you are left with a more streamlined, clean experience that lets you get to work.

While you can still access most features and tools by navigating through the menus and pulling them up, there is now a feature called ‚Flexible Toolbox‘ that makes the process much more simple. When you have a specific tool in mind, just find it in the toolbox and you can easily drag it directly to the window.

Another major addition is the revamped Adobe Kuler color system. Kuler is an add-on to Photoshop that lets you use real-world colors to color a photo. The problem with Kuler is that it is very difficult to find a color palette that you like.

Now with Photoshop CS6, Kuler is included in Photoshop itself and works much more seamlessly. It is also much easier to find a specific color on the K

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What’s New In Serious Photo?

Serious Photo allows you to remove the blur from your photos. After loading your pictures, you can choose between three different blur levels. In order to reduce the blur, you just need to load your picture, choose a setting and click the ‚Sharpen‘ button.
Serious Photo is a lightweight application, which doesn't take up much memory. It is very simple to use and doesn't have too many settings.Find a Question:

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