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The first AutoCAD version, released in January 1983, included only schematic drawing capability and came in two versions, costing $999 and $2000. The second version, released in October 1983, introduced a full-featured drafting capability and the xref table. The xref table would become a cornerstone of AutoCAD’s graphic features for many years. AutoCAD was popular, eventually becoming the top-selling commercial CAD application. In 1989, AutoCAD was an early pioneer of 3D graphics. AutoCAD 2000 was the first version of AutoCAD to run on a PC platform and was released in April 1997. In 1997, AutoCAD introduced a new feature that enabled users to draw and edit 2D drawings in 3D space. AutoCAD XP was the first version to be designed with Microsoft Windows. The software was released in June 2001 and was the first version that was free and available online. AutoCAD 2002 was the first version to include enhancements to the ribbon-based interface. In 2004, AutoCAD released AutoCAD 2004 Web Edition, which enabled users to send files to the Web via a browser. AutoCAD 2009 was the first major release for AutoCAD since AutoCAD 2002, and was the first version to introduce support for raster layers, named layers. AutoCAD 2010 was the first major release of AutoCAD to support Linux platforms.

AutoCAD has been released in three separate versions that include both applications and database files.


AutoCAD is a professional-level application designed for engineers, architects, drafters, and landscape architects. AutoCAD has also been used by many students who learn CAD as part of their coursework in architecture, civil engineering, and landscape architecture. The following information outlines the history of AutoCAD.

First AutoCAD release in 1983 First AutoCAD release in 1983

AutoCAD was the first commercial CAD program that operated on personal computers. The first version of AutoCAD was released in December 1982 and came in two versions; the original ($999) included only schematic drawing capability and the second version (released in October 1983) introduced a full-featured drafting capability. The first two versions were sold only as boxed products. AutoCAD was successful, eventually becoming the top-selling commercial CAD application.

Release information

Release dates:

Release year: 1982, 1983 Release date: December 1982 Release year: 1983, 1984

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RAD (rapid application development) – an HTML-based rapid application development application for creating web-based user interfaces for AutoCAD.
AutoLISP – A Lisp-based extension of AutoCAD’s functionality, used for custom programming, AutoLISP is written in Lisp dialect (AutoLISP) of Lisp, a high-level programming language which is similar to C.
Visual LISP – A Visual Basic like extension of AutoCAD’s functionality, written in Visual LISP, a visual programming language and a derivative of BASIC for Windows 3.0+ and DOS.
VBA – Also a Visual Basic like extension of AutoCAD’s functionality, written in Visual Basic for Applications, a Microsoft product.
.NET – An extension of AutoCAD’s functionality based on.NET Framework, a Microsoft product.
ObjectARX – An extension of AutoCAD’s functionality based on ObjectARX, a C++ class library.

AutoCAD Architecture software

AutoCAD Architecture is a software product for architectural and interior design created by Autodesk. It is a 3D modelling package, which uses a parametric model to describe objects and modify them to make changes. This allows it to represent changeable design options in a digital form.

AutoCAD Architecture 1.0 was released in September 1998. The first version to support the representation of whole families and structures was the 3D Warehouse, which was introduced in the same version. In June 1999, Autodesk released an architect’s report, which demonstrated that 70% of architectural and interior design projects using AutoCAD would have saved resources and time if they had been delivered using AutoCAD Architecture.


Computer-aided design
The software uses parametric geometry to describe 3D models and make changes in the design. The models can be textured or shaded to present a realistic view of a building. Parametric geometry can be used to create realistic visuals, such as a facades that may be modified to different viewpoints. The model is also used to define a mesh, which creates a surface mesh that can be used to calculate properties, such as air leakage and insulation.

The software uses parametric geometry for building design, hence there is a great freedom of creation and change to design options. The design is set by a topology of families, which are used to define a mesh, then elements, which are used

AutoCAD 23.0 Download

Select the option to activate Autocad.

Activate the key.

Save the file to the desired location and close the editor.

Load the file in Autocad.

This software is provided AS IS and without warranty of any kind.

The software can be downloaded from the homepage of Autodesk.

The licence code is available on the page.

The full source code is available on the page.

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Autocad1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an image forming apparatus such as a copying machine, a printer and the like, which forms an image on a sheet by applying a developer onto an image bearing member.
2. Related Background Art
In conventional image forming apparatuses of this kind, a support member is generally provided at an upstream side of a toner supply roller, and an image bearing member is contacted with the support member, whereby the developer is supplied from the support member to the toner supply roller, and the toner supply roller is rotated in a direction to supply the developer to a developing roller.
A technology has been proposed in which a web formed with a large number of notches and a width smaller than that of the support member is provided, and the developer is supplied to the toner supply roller in such a manner that the developer is introduced into the notches in the web, and as a result, the developer is supplied to the toner supply roller.
In the image forming apparatus of this kind, the developer is supplied to the toner supply roller and it is supplied to the developing roller to form a toner image on a recording material. Then, after the recording material with the toner image formed thereon is ejected onto a sheet tray, the toner supply roller is rotated in a reverse direction and the developer is returned from the developing roller to the toner supply roller, and after that, in order to return the toner to the developing roller again, the toner supply roller is rotated in the reverse direction, whereby the image forming operation is repeated.
In the conventional image forming apparatus, since a driving force applied to the developer supply roller for supplying the developer to the developing roller is transferred to the toner supply roller for returning the developer

What’s New in the?

Simple markup tools that make it easier for you to create and import annotations. Export markup as either a text file or a PDF, or use online services to quickly capture annotations on paper or in a PDF. (video: 1:12 min.)

Connecting the Desktop to Mobile

Now you can connect your mobile device to your AutoCAD experience for better collaboration and design flexibility. First, the new Connect Mobile App allows you to browse drawings, annotate drawings, and share your notes easily and quickly from anywhere. (video: 2:27 min.)

And, AutoCAD has added new features to the latest release of Autodesk Exchange, including the ability to upload to cloud services and to more easily collaborate in real time. Now you can easily share your annotated drawings in 3D or VR without having to install AutoCAD on your device. (video: 2:17 min.)


Load and embed previously drawn drawing objects into a new drawing. Now, you can quickly edit and place the embedded objects in a new drawing without having to redraw them. (video: 2:35 min.)


View and navigate through drawing objects with new view tools. Work more efficiently with improved view tools such as the pan, zoom, and rotate tools. (video: 2:07 min.)

And, AutoCAD 2.3 allows you to create, edit, and publish PDF drawings. Print to PDF allows you to create PDF drawings and, after publishing, easily share your drawings with co-workers. (video: 2:16 min.)

AutoCAD 2023 has also been updated with new features for new users, including a better navigation experience for the new tab-based layout, plus enhancements to improve the way you can view and interact with your drawings. (video: 2:10 min.)

AutoCAD 2.3 is available as a free download for both Windows and Mac on the AutoCAD website.

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