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Version History

Version 5.2.1 (March 21, 2018)

Reliability and Performance Fixes

Impact: Minor performance fixes

Impact: Improves reliability

Impact: Fixes issues causing rendering problems in certain geographic areas (e.g. Antarctica)

Version 5.2.0 (September 11, 2017)

Document Conversion

Improved File History:

File history is now available across all projects and drawings. With this feature, you can get access to the last 20 versions of a file, either by drawing or drawing set (if drawing is not the active drawing). The last versions are also available through the History pull-down menu in the toolbar.

Improved File Conversion:

In the Document Conversion dialog, you can now convert several files in a batch. You can also select the destination folder, choose a file format and choose a version. The destination folder must be empty. Also, the Import Points option has been improved. Now you can choose the point location for each imported drawing.

Scalable Paths:

The “Scalable Paths” option has been expanded to support both types of scalable paths. With this option, you can now use the Path submenu to toggle between Flat and Polyline modes. Also, a new option has been added: “Allow line endpoints to be scaled at any point along the path”. This option will add a new option to the Path menu, under the “Allow line endpoints to be scaled” option, that indicates whether to allow the path to be scaled at any point along the line or not. The new options on the Path menu are labeled “Scaled” (with a check mark to indicate that scaling is allowed) or “Unscaled” (with a check mark to indicate that scaling is not allowed).

Flat mode:

The path can now be defined either in terms of scaled or unscaled line segments. With the new “Scaled” option, you can create a flat path by simply dragging the line segment endpoints. The resulting path can then be scaled with the mouse. For example, if you select the line segment at the left side of the image and drag to scale it, the line segment at the right side of the image gets scaled as well.

Path Alignment:

If you add new line segments to

AutoCAD Free

Technical communication about CAD technologies like DXF is done on the Cadalyst CAD Related Resources web pages.


AutoCAD, originally a display-oriented program, supports command-line access for technical drawings and databases. This is the foundation for the DWG or Drawings Exchange Format, which is supported by nearly all CAD applications and is used in all AutoCAD products. The DWG format is supported on the CAD Application Compatibility List (ACL) as a data interchange format for all AutoCAD products.

In addition to the DWG format, AutoCAD supports many graphics file formats for 2D and 3D (with or without transparency) for drawing and printing, such as:
Adobe Illustrator (AI) – and.eps
Adobe InDesign – page-oriented.indd
PostScript – PostScript
PDF – Portable Document Format, which has advantages for print-oriented documents.
XPS – XML Paper Specification
DXF – Design and Drafting Exchange Format, which can be exported from most Windows-based CAD applications and allows transparency in AutoCAD.
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) – text, scanned line, and curve data; arbitrary font and size, on both text and line objects.

AutoCAD supports many database file formats for drawing and printing, including:
Access – file format based on the MDB database standard, from Microsoft Corporation.
CAD (.dbf) – file format used by AutoCAD
CADL – file format from MicroStation, from MicroSoft Corporation.
FoxPro – file format from FoxPro
InterBase – file format from the InterBase database management system
SQL Server – file format from Microsoft Corporation.
Sybase – file format from Sybase

AutoCAD’s drawing engine was originally designed to be context-aware, and can process objects based on its current location and direction within the drawing.

Also, the drawing engine contains layers, which are used to separate drawings for editing, viewing or printing.

AutoCAD can also use custom libraries to perform drawing functions. These custom libraries are usually distributed using the AutoLISP Programming Language.

Scribbling and annotation

Since version 2007, AutoCAD has had built-in support for annotations called SmartArt. Annotating drawings is also possible using third-party applications, including SmartArtXpress, SmartArt Designer, SmartArt Designer, Annotation, Smart

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What’s New in the?

Automatic Line Tracing:

Use our new feature to automatically detect, trace, and fill vector lines without additional drawing steps.


Create surfaces and have them automatically hidden or exposed, depending on the value of their elevation. (video: 1:16 min.)

Dynamic User Interface:

With our new Dynamic User Interface you can quickly switch to the environment that you need. From Design to Draft to Presentation, AutoCAD allows you to seamlessly switch the interface based on your workflow.

CAD for Manufacturing:

Use our new features to model in the environment that best matches your industry. Quickly model 3D environments and designs from SolidWorks or Inventor for your next job.

Architectural CAD:

Create accurate models of buildings, monuments, and other 3D objects to help you on your next project. Our new ability to quickly import and manipulate architectural details of 3D models lets you work efficiently, whether you are an architectural visualizer or a designer.

Other new features:

An extensive feature set that includes a new utility for marking up PDFs, a new tagging tool, a new dynamic annotation tool, and a brand new navigation bar.

Please note that, with this release, the following command shortcuts are no longer supported:

• Shortcut: Ctrl+Ctrlnlndp [RMB]• Shortcut: Ctrl+Ctrlnlndpl

To re-enable these shortcuts, go to the Edit menu and select Options.

Integrated PCB & Electronics

Now you can model and draw circuits and boards in your projects, creating them directly from the command line, without first having to create a block. Your circuit will automatically look like a real printed circuit board. You can add resistors, capacitors, and traces as needed.

The drawings of the schematic and the board will also be combined in the same drawing.

When you save a schematic, it will automatically save as a board.

NEW! You can draw the layout of the PCB and have it automatically “pop out” of the drawing so you can start putting components on the board.

NEW! You can also add footprints to the schematic. They will automatically create a footprint on the board.

Automatic turn detection:

This function automatically detects the X, Y, and Z coordinate of the current viewport and rotates the 3D view

System Requirements:

Windows 7 – Windows 8.1 – Windows 10 – macOS 10.15 Catalina (10.15.2 – 10.15.4)
Virtual Box: 4GB RAM, 2GB vram.
3GB vram will also work.
and minimum: 8GB RAM.
Hook installed:
Please make sure that the LUA_PATH has been updated to the location that you wish to use in place of „C:\lua“.
You can find the latest location of LUA_PATH in the

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