ColorMixer For PC (2022)

New Color Mixer 2.5 includes brand new features:
– Clean and simple interface
– New Canvas
– Easily resize drawings
– Super Speed brush engine and new slow-motion brush mode
– New color „wiggle“ feature
– New layers and color groups for more flexible drawings
– New eraser, grid, spectrum tools, and easy paint mode
– New paint fills and brushes for fast drawing
– Make full use of the new Pixel Art palette
– 50 free pixel-art paintings
– New line art effect
– New border tool with dotted and dashed borders
– New single-click and undo shortcuts
– New „dude-check“ feature
– New „show lines“ feature
– Free updates for life
– New exciting sound effects!
Mac or Windows, 3D or 2D! Now you can create pixel art for both Mac and Windows, 2D and 3D! Paint any images to canvas in 3D with your fingers or stylus or even pen. Draw your images and color them. Pick your favorite brushes from a wide selection of shapes and colors. And yes, you can still edit the canvas once you’re done, or even resize the image if you want!
It’s super easy to use! You just open Color Mixer, pick an image to edit, and pick a brush, color, or effect!
There are tons of options! You can change the size of the canvas, zoom in and out, make the images 3D or 2D, or pick from a large number of brushes, textures, and even effects.
Try it out! You can download Color Mixer 2.5 right now for $9.99 from the App Store. With the version 1.5 update, you can also unlock all the previously paid pro features by buying them!
Visit for more information or to download the free demo.
Key features:
– Pixel Art
– 7 skins to choose from
– 3D and 2D drawing
– Pixel Art brushes
– 7 different pixel art effects
– Free download of 51 free pixel art images
– Highly configurable canvas size
– 500+ hand-crafted brushes
– Pixel Art palette with over 100 effects
– 50+ pixel art packs
– High resolution images (1920×1080)
– 2D painting mode
– 3D painting mode
– Pixel Art Easel with 10 canvas presets
– 6 in-depth tutorials


COLOR MIXER is an educational application. It allows you to create your own color mixing experiments by mixing up your colors using three primary colors. This application will help to learn colors mixing and teach how to mix up any colors you want.
+ Three color modes: Mixing Colors, Mixing colors with black, and Mixing colors with white
+ Create your own color mixing experiments
+ Each mixing mode gives you a color palette with four colors
+ CUSTOMIZED COLOR PALETTE: Create a color palette for yourself by mixing up any colors you want
+ COLOR MODE SETTINGS: Configure the color mode you want to use, Mixing Colors with black or Mixing colors with white are the options
+ All the basic painting tools: Brush, Brush size, Brush angle, Highlighter, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Line
+ MASS PAINT: Fill up your canvas with any color you want
+ Eraser: Erase any line, color, or area on the canvas
+ Can do drawing: Drawing tools: Pen, Line, Rectangle, Line with white, Ellipse, and Circle
+ Color picker: Pick any color you want to create and apply the color to your canvas
+ Export drawings to your iPad or iPhone: Export your drawings to your device.
+ More than 50 line art examples: Draw and color line art examples
+ Can do drawing: Drawing tools: Pen, Line, Rectangle, Line with white, Ellipse, and Circle
+ Color picker: Pick any color you want to create and apply the color to your canvas
+ More than 50 line art examples: Draw and color line art examples
Color Mixer received 3.2 stars from over 60 users.
Color Mixer requires iOS 7 or later.
This application requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 or later.
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ColorMixer is a complete line art coloring program that lets kids paint amazing pictures like you can, with their own color. ColorMixer is an interactive, simple to use application that brings a fun coloring experience to your iPad, with a wide variety of drawing and coloring tools, and over 50 step by step picture and design guides to help you create amazing artwork. ColorMixer has a very clear and fun interface, it even teaches kids how to mix colors to create beautiful drawings and designs. ColorMixer makes a great color combination activity for kids and adults. Your iPad becomes a paintbrush for kids and a coloring book for adults. With ColorMixer, kids can now express themselves and be creative!
Kids can draw a picture by selecting a colored frame, and then choose from among the 50 step by step drawing and design guides and create amazing illustrations, cartoons, or masterpieces. You can draw with any color you want and create your art with real paints.
With ColorMixer, kids can create drawings with a unique brush effect and mix colors with a real paintbrush. ColorMixer teaches kids the colors and how to mix them, so they can create stunning designs like you can, with a paintbrush and their own color!
Kids can paint with their own favorite picture and color and create a picture by mixing colors. With a real paintbrush, your child can create a masterpiece with any color they want. ColorMixer has a clear and fun interface, which enables your children to paint a picture with their favorite picture and mix colors with their own color. With ColorMixer, kids can be creative and express themselves.

At the same time as we were racing through the Apple store to grab an iPad for our 4 year old daughter (and getting her to agree to the IPhone), I also checked out the Color Mixer application.

In our case, I felt that this application had a lot of potential, because of the fact that it had nothing to do with the IPhone, I am glad to have her playing this application on her iPad (whereas the IPhone would have been a given and a potential source of disappointment for her)

Color Mixer provides a hands on experience which helps children become more familiar with the colors used in art. This is a basic task, we have all had the experience of selecting a picture from the IPhone gallery and then trying to recolor it with a touch of a finger

As stated by Apple, the Color Mixer application helps children

What’s New In ColorMixer?

Color Mixer is an easy to use line art coloring application, that's design is targeted at children. It's a simple application, that will serve as a great starting point for children, but has enough features to keep experienced users entertained.


Color Mixer is a line art coloring program that doesn’t let users select colors from a color palette, instead they have to mix them from the three primary colors.

An interesting way to teach children, with a fun and amusing interface.

The application is clearly designed for children and features particularly bright and colorful, oversized buttons, with the use of recognizable images where possible. The approach works and everything is almost instantly identifiable, children will have no difficulty figuring out what button is what. The application even includes specially designed help documentation that even a child could decipher.

Given how the paint mixing option is a big part of the application, it is relatively easy to use. Children click on one primary color first which fills the bowl, then they can add others. The application displays the amount of the three colors being used via bars that fill with the corresponding color. Taking away color is the only difficult part, which is done by adding the white, perhaps to teach children that you can’t subtract color with paint.

An amusing array of features that should keep children busy for some time.

There are no shortage of tools and features inside the application to paint with. More impressively though, it comes with over 50 examples of line art included in the application, for children to draw and color with. Other pictures could easily be downloaded or added from the internet, giving the application a long life and plenty of reusability.

Color Mixer provides all the standard painting tools that users should be familiar with, paint brushes, a pointer, a way to mass fill areas and an eraser. One tool it doesn’t include is the color picker to quickly grab a previously used color, however, this choice seems deliberate to try and encourage children to learn how to mix specific colors.

A robust and entertaining coloring tool, which serves as both a fun and educational tool for children.No tolerance of pre-emptive strike by Americans against Iran

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System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Resolution: 1280×1024
Controller support: Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, Razer Hydra, DualShock 4, Xbox 360
Other Requirements:
Internet connection for SteamVR. This will be handled automatically for you.
Video Card: GTX 980 or above is recommended.
RAM: 8 GB recommended
Standalone Demo:
Standalone demo available!
DualShock 4 Controller Support:
Requires DualShock

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