DipTrace is a powerful and intuitive piece of software aimed at professionals who want to create PCB layouts, design schematics, edit components and patterns. With it you can build anything from simple logic circuits to highly complex boards which can be viewed in both plane and 3D form.
Four modules packed into one efficient tool
The moment DipTrace is launched, it makes it clear that it is a capable application. It comes with multiple modules that allow you to create a board from scratch or open and perfect an existing project.
DipTrace enables you to take every step needed in order to design the PCB, create accurate schematics, generate patterns and even draw new components and symbols that you need for your project.
Comprehensive interface fit for anyone to use
DipTrace isn’t necessarily what you call user-friendly due to the fact that it is an application from the CAD family and it is intended for a select group of people.
This however shouldn’t discourage anyone from using it as it displays a classic looking interface which is easy to understand given a few hours of practice. Moreover, if you find yourself stumbling on something, the application provides detailed documentation to aid you.
Though each module serves a different purpose, the general tool and toolbar layout is the same and this is because DipTrace is built to ensure continuity throughout the entire design process even though you ‘switch applications’.
Complete PCB design
From start to finish, DipTrace enables you to draw the schematic and verify it for errors, convert it into a printed circuit board, add parts from a vast library, assign routes, pour copper, verify the overall design, preview the 3D model and prepare manufacturer documentation.
Create printed circuit boards using intuitive tools
Though we haven’t gotten into any specifics or feature details, that being for you to discover, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to create a complete PCB design, DipTrace is the right tool.









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DipTrace is a complete PCB design solution that allows you to create and test PCB designs from scratch to manufacturing.
Supported Hardware:

The NC Surface Design Studio
What is it?
A plugin for NX that enables the design of printed circuit boards by letting you place or move components and create footprints and traces. You can even use wire-wrap and solder-paste components.
What else?
The software is a beta. The current version is 0.5.3.
The full-featured NC Surface Design Studio is in the works.
How does it work?
You need to install the ‘NC Surface Design Studio’ (NC SSD) plugin and a copy of the NX 8.7. You also need to install the NESD plugin in the available add-ons.
Where can I find it?

Greenshare is a free software that enables you to design and draw professional-looking PCBs. You can create your schematic by entering formulas, you can enter text and graphics and you can create your PCB from scratch.
The software is easy to use.
What else?
Greenshare is the main tool in the suite which includes:
Greenshaper (The PCB editor),
Greenshape (The schematic editor),
Greenshare (The design assistant),
Greenshape (The circuit diagram editor).

Gauges (‘Greenmantle Technology’) is a professional CAD program for the design of electronic circuits, PCBs, schematics and mechanical drawings. It is an integrated part of a powerful PCB design suite: ‘Pads’ and ‘Greenshare’.
Main features:
•Multilingual interface: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean.
•Drawing and construction tools for the design of PCBs and mechanical drawings.
•Worksheet manager for designing schematics.
•A comprehensive library of symbols.
•Worksheet organizer with the construction of schematic diagrams.
•New PCB design

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KEYMACRO is a powerful macro recorder that records macros for use in a wide range of applications. It is designed to save your time and effort and will help you record the most common keystrokes in text and graphic applications.
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Keystroke Macros for Photoshop CS5
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Keystroke Macros for Power

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Create complex PCB designs and produce schematics using the DIPTrace software.
The automatic routing engine makes design the best it can be, ensuring that your PCB is set for printing, manufacturing and even use in any environment.
Suitable for beginners and professionals, DIPTrace is a free software that can be used to design and build PCBs.
Full version of the software contains 50 components and the license is free.
Installation Requirements:
1. Vista or Windows 7
2. 1.86 GB free disk space
3. Internet Explorer 6 or higher
4. A version of Autodesk’s FREE Autocad is not required.

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Section 1 provides

What’s New In DipTrace?



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System Requirements For DipTrace:

Windows 7 / 8
Minimum Core I5 Processor
4GB Memory
100GB of Free Space
Recent Version of IDA Pro
Recent Version of the Ghidra Framework
Latest Version of the IDA Browser
Hex-Rays Intermediate-level IDA-Sub
5.1 Ghidra Settings:
Once you have installed the IDA-GUI tools, you should update it to the latest version as this is required for Ghidra support.
It is recommended that you have the


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