The HEIC format is proprietary to Apple, which uses it on devices that run in iOS 11 and later. Its advantages are related to saving storage space while avoiding compromises in image quality. While it has its perks, HEIC is not compatible with outdated iOS versions, Windows or other platforms. Therefore, a converter for Apple’s proprietary format comes in handy.
FoneLab HEIC Converter can convert HEIC images to other formats that are more versatile and can be opened with any graphic viewer or editor in Windows. It can generate both JPG and PNG images.
Convert HEIC to PNG or JPG in batch 
Working with FoneLab HEIC Converter is easy, since the interface is intuitive and requires no prior knowledge. The application can process both individual images and entire folders. In other words, you can simply select a folder and FoneLab HEIC Converter will automatically scan it to find compatible input. 
All the files to convert are displayed in a table, along with their size and their complete path. The total number of files and the number of checked items is also shown.
The right-side panel displays the conversion settings, which you can customize as you please. You can select the output format between JPG/JPEG or PNG, adjust the quality of the output image and change the output path. Optionally, FoneLab HEIC Converter can preserve the EXIF data for the images it converts.
Once you have everything ready and configured, you can simply hit the “Convert” button to start processing files. When the task is completed, FoneLab HEIC Converter displays a simple report that shows you the number of successful and failed conversions.
Fast and easy HEIC converter 
With a few clicks and a minimum configuration, FoneLab HEIC Converter can help you convert HEIC images to more friendly formats. It is easy to use, it allows you to adjust the image quality and it promises high conversion speed. All in all, it is worth a try.


Download –––––>>>

Download –––––>>>






FoneLab HEIC Converter Crack

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6.A help guide

7.Forget it or not?

8.Bugs and problems

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FoneLab HEIC Converter Activator Free Download

To make your keyboard macro more easy-to-use, we had create a Microsft Office setting to support Microsoft’s languages. By this time, the program had recorded more than 50,000 macros on different languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Persian, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese. The program has been tested on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. All the English and common Japanese keyboard shortcuts are also provided.
Keyboard Macro:
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FoneLab HEIC Converter Crack+ With Product Key

FoneLab HEIC Converter is a powerful HEIC image converter that lets you transform HEIC to JPG, PNG and a variety of other formats. With a few clicks and a minimum configuration, it can be used as a basic HEIC image converter. All the settings are available from the right-side panel.
Want to convert more than just one image? FoneLab has other tools that are more suited to this task.
Support for Windows 10 operating systems is also available.


The answer is given in the comments by @dokoupil that you need to install a copy of the Exiv2 library.
I’m going to give it here as an answer so I can mark his answer as correct.

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What’s New In FoneLab HEIC Converter?

– Compatibility:
This software is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/8.1/10.
– Requirements:
Requires Windows OS with Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0.
– Features:
Convert HEIC images to JPG and PNG.
– Installation:
1.Unpack and run the downloaded file.
2.Open the folder, where the setup file has been unzipped.
3.Double-click the exe file to run the installer.
4.Follow the prompts.
– How to convert HEIC to JPG:
1.Open the folder, where the input files are located.
2.Choose the files to be converted and then click on the “Convert” button.
3.Select the type of output format and set other settings.
– How to convert HEIC to PNG:
1.Open the folder, where the input files are located.
2.Choose the files to be converted and then click on the “Convert” button.
3.Select the type of output format and set other settings.
– Tips:
1.Do not forget to select the folder to convert first! The software will not check for new files and will not process them in the background.
2.The software will work with standard batch files (.bat) and commands entered in the Windows Command Prompt.
– About:
This program helps you convert HEIC files to different formats and create high-quality images, which you can use in social networks, e-mail clients, websites and in other applications and services.
Please visit the following link for more information:

FoneLab Pro Software Download.FoneLab Pro is a suite of electronic and photo editing applications for Microsoft Windows platform that can be used by both experienced and inexperienced users. This popular software includes a range of specialized tools for such tasks as image processing, image editing, imaging, image resizing, RAW processing, photo retouching, viewing and creating images in their RAW format, image composition, audio editing and speech recognition. This powerful software is designed to help users make the most of their electronic and digital images and eliminate the need to

System Requirements For FoneLab HEIC Converter:

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