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FontSuite is an all-in-one font manager designed to keep all your fonts organized. Using all of your fonts is a pain, especially if your collection is large. In order to free your mind, FontSuite makes organizing your fonts simple, by enabling you to easily browse all fonts, and sort them based on type, manufacturer, and usage. You can also use the many tools available to analyze, compare, create, copy, and edit existing fonts.
Among the most common functions, are the ability to edit font properties (such as color, size, case) and change their character sets. All fonts can be matched in a series of lists that enable you to view them all, or sort based on type, manufacturer, or usage. These are mainly useful to make sure all the fonts in your collection are consistent in regards to the appearance.
Fonts can be compared to check which one is better, and copy them to the clipboard to be used on various projects. To make this even easier, several formatting options can be used to make the selected fonts more easily readable. You can highlight different parts of the selected fonts in order to make a particular character stand out. You can also change the font size and color to match the format of your project.
Aside from these features, you can also create custom strings to be used for different purposes, such as app titles, wallpapers, folders, and more. You can use the same tool to make them all, or choose to copy the ones you like to the clipboard to be used later.
What we like about FontSuite:
The tool is so simple to use, that even newcomers can operate it, with minimal effort. The large variety of tools makes analysis and creation very easy. Moreover, it includes a variety of different tools for different purposes, such as comparison, analysis, or creation.
Key Features:
– Shows all fonts installed on your system
– Shows all font usage
– Enlists all fonts in a text pad
– Compare two fonts
– Enlists all fonts in a text pad
– Copy characters from selected font sets
– Show all fonts installed on your system
– Enlists all fonts in a text pad
– Compare two fonts
– Enlists all fonts in a text pad
– Copy characters from selected font sets
– Editable text pad with options to select, copy, and format characters
– Printable sheet of fonts
– Multiple font tools to use at the same time
– Allows you to


Keymacro is a utility that enables you to save, generate and edit macros for AutoHotkey and AutoIt scripts.
Main Features:
Simple, quick and handy.
Built-in help.
Import and export data to text files.
Simple and intuitive interface.
Built-in editor.
Automatically copies paths to clipboard.
Option to save macro in.ahk or.au3 format.
Option to save selected text in.txt or.html format.
Option to save selected text in HTML format.
Recover macro from.txt and.html.
Customizable templates.
Define and manage your macros.
AutoSave your macros.
Customizable option to save your macros.
Save configurations of macros.

CHAMELEON Speaks! is a software based communication protocol system, which enables you to talk to the Chameleon robot using a mobile app.
CHAMELEON Speaks! has a wide variety of options, and impressive features. Moreover, it comes with a nice, easy-to-use interface.
There are three main components of CHAMELEON Speaks! system:
A smartphone app, which is pre-installed on the Chameleon robot.
A PC software client, which runs on Windows or Linux.
A command server, which is dedicated to the communication between a robot and a mobile app.
Robots can communicate in two modes: over a WiFi network and without WiFi.
When using WiFi, robots connect to the PC client, which allows them to control the whole system. When the robot is connected, it can see the robot itself and all its components.
You can control and customize the robot to show an appropriate reaction to an incoming message.
When the robot is off-line, its components communicate without an active WiFi connection. This is often called ‚chatting‘. You can also control your robot in this mode, but only what is visible from the robot.
Chameleon robot is able to respond to incoming messages in a couple of ways:
Answer the incoming message. The robot will play a specific sound.
Record a specific sound. The robot will play it back later, using the previously recorded sound.
Just speak. The robot will pick the text from an incoming message, and will speak it back.
All the available components can communicate using a standard protocol, which allows them to be controlled easily. For instance, a command can be typed in a text field


Embedded fonts are any software that can be used to install fonts. Fonts that are included in any Microsoft Office applications are usually embedded fonts, as are fonts that are included with the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as Arial. On Windows, it is usually possible to install fonts directly from the Windows Fonts folder. For Mac OS X and Linux, fonts can also be installed directly from the application software.

Microsoft Office 2013 comes with many integrated fonts which can be used inside the applications. Microsoft Office 2013 provides 2 primary font libraries for use in applications. The default font library is the one which is created during the installation of Microsoft Office 2013. The other font library is the Microsoft Fonts one, which contains fonts that are included with Microsoft Office applications or fonts that are included with Microsoft Windows Operating System.
The fonts provided in Microsoft Office 2013 font library are:
– Arial (Default font),
– Arial Black,
– Calibri (Only in Word, but it is integrated to the OS and looks identical to Calibri in Windows 8),
– Cambria (Only in PowerPoint and Visio),
– Consolas (Only in Word),
– Consolas Narrow (Only in Word),
– Courier (Default font for all the apps except Excel and Publisher),
– Courier New,
– Symbol,
– Tahoma (Default font in Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Visio),
– Trebuchet MS (Only in PowerPoint),
– Trebuchet MS Bold,
– Trebuchet MS Bold Oblique,
– Times New Roman (Only in Word),
– Times New Roman Bold,
– Times New Roman Italic,
– Times New Roman Narrow,
– Tahoma Narrow,
– Arial Narrow,
– Cambria Narrow,
– Consolas Narrow,
– Courier New Narrow,
– Courier New Oblique,
– Symbol Narrow,
– Trebuchet MS Narrow,
– Trebuchet MS Oblique,
– Trebuchet MS Oblique Narrow,
– Calibri Narrow,
– Calibri Oblique,
– Verdana (Default font in the apps),
– Webdings (Only in PowerPoint),
– Wingdings (Only in PowerPoint).
You can use those fonts in applications. The only limitation is the size of the fonts.
– The fonts available in Microsoft

What’s New in the?

FontSuite is a font management tool that lets you collect, copy, index, analyze, create and manage all font families found on your PC.
A set of powerful tools that can easily organize all fonts installed on your computer, so you can easily keep track of the ones you use.
Customize your text pad, index fonts, and create text in many ways with the tools included in the app.
Font management and font creation with multiple tools.
Create, index, compare, and analyze fonts, and analyze text as well.
Feature comparison among existing fonts
Generate unlimited custom text
Save, print, export text as RTF, or HTML
FontSuite is easy to use and it works as advertised.
Font management for beginners and advanced users alike.
This application is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.
System Requirements:
CPU: Dual core 1.5 GHz or faster
Drive Space: 0.7 GB of free disk space

Select a style to choose your color, case and size.
Use Alt-Shift to select fonts, or just click the font you want to use.
Click „Create Text“, to start creating text.
The text is created in the box you selected before. You can use the save options to save the text in RTF, HTML, XML, and plain text.
You can resize text after creating it with the mouse or the keyboard.
You can move the text around by clicking anywhere on the box where the text is created.

It’s as easy as „Add Font“ and „Copy Characters“.
Preview characters before adding them to the text.
Click „Character Preview“ to display the preview of the character you selected.
Click „Copy Characters“ to automatically add the character to the text.
You can also type in characters using Alt-Numpad characters.
Click „Generate Text“ to get a new random text.
Type in characters using Alt-Numpad characters.
Click „Save“ to save the text in HTML, XML, RTF, and TXT.
Click „Print“ to generate a page of text that you can print.
You can share your text with others.
Use the editable text box to edit the text in the text box.
Click „Save“ to save the text.
Type any new characters and the text will be automatically generated.
You can also save the text to your computer in TXT format.

Make >> Add Font with Font Size.
Click on „Add Font“.
Select a font.
Click „Copy Characters“.
Click „Add Font“ with Default Font.
Click „Add Font“ with Custom Font.
Click „Font Color“ and change the color.
Click „Font Sizes“ and change the size.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 1.7 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 9 graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2 GB free space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: Install the free version of the game and follow the onscreen instructions.
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB

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