3D printing is something not many people thought would be possible years ago. And yet, thanks to advancements in technology, we now have this available today.
If regular printing itself was complicated for some people when it first appeared, you can imagine that many of us find the 3D method even more difficult. ideaMaker is a program for 3D slicing with a nice-looking interface that can help you get used to this process.
Makes it as simple as possible
Even though the entire concept of 3D printing pretty is very complex, ideaMaker tries to make it easier for you to understand. It contains a fairly user-friendly interface with clear commands that make for a faster learning process.
The program is used to help you prepare files for 3D printing. It has multiple features that you can use to build and customize your desired objects which you can then begin to slice.
The application lets you prepare files that can be of three types: STL, OBJ, and 3MF. You can either have them ready with a few clicks if you want to use something more basic or use the defined settings that allow limitless customization if you are a more advanced user.
Not only does ideaMaker have a lot of settings, but you can also save them to use later for different printers, filaments, and models.
While using the program, you can freely move your objects around to see them from different perspectives, add new ones, delete those you do not need, and edit them in any way you can imagine.
Again, the entire concept of 3D printing isn't for anyone, but yet again, people who do need it should have the level of knowledge to get used to it quickly.
And whether you plan on using it for manufacturing, engineering or education, ideaMaker is good to help you get going.







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ideaMaker 3D printing software program is based on CudaShader. The software was developed using the.NET framework on the Microsoft Windows platform and licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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I have just rooted my HTC One X and I’m planning to install CyanogenMod 10 on it. I just want to know is there a way to use the current 3G SIM card on the phone so I don’t have to buy any?
And does this mean that I’ll not be able to use/store data on the phone?
And last but not least, is there any CM10 drivers for the phone’s GPS system?

So when i go into the android os I will open up security settings and look for settings to turn off these new permissions.
Am I going to have to do this?
Also can I turn the permission on and off later if I want?

Nexus 4, android 5.0.2.
I got an over-the-air update yesterday. My phone is all stock. Everything was working fine until I updated. After that I can’t play audio with my mic/headset, the camera stopped taking pictures and the notifications in the status bar have moved down into the list. It sounds like the phone is playing a song with my mic on and it’s making a louder and louder noise. I have to unplug the headset to stop this. The notifications aren’t working either.
What can I do to fix this?

So when i go into the android os I will open up security settings and look for settings to turn off these new permissions.
Am I going to have to do this?
Also can I turn the permission on and off later if I want?

Yes, and you can remove permissions, but you might not be able to take advantage of Google Apps in the future. If you keep it turned off, you won’t be able to use Google Play Services. If you know what you’re doing, you can always remove it from your list of apps.

So when i go into the android os I will open up security settings and look for settings

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ideaMaker is a 3D slicing software with nice user interface. It helps you prepare files for 3D printing.
ideaMaker Features:
+ Pre-defined settings for easy use.
+ Allows you to slice models for 3D printing.
+ Saves your settings for later use.
+ Over 18 pre-defined slicing profiles.
+ Easy to use slicing options that help you configure your files.
+ User friendly interface.
+ Support various file types.
+ Support auto-orientation.
+ Support Auto-Shrink.
+ Support Auto-Thicken.
ideaMaker Requirements:
Windows 7 or higher.
ideaMaker Free Download
To download ideaMaker, click the button below. You will be directed to another page where you need to download the program for free.
The button is connected to a website where you can download it immediately. It will only take a few minutes to complete the download.
If it asks for any form of payment, you can leave it blank and not give your information.
ideaMaker Copyright and Legal notice
+ Copyright 2019 Original Software LLC. All rights reserved.
+ Original Software is a registered trademark of Original Software LLC.
+ All logos and trademarks in this application are the property of their respective owners.
Thanks to The Original Software LLC for allowing us to share their program with our visitors!


Can we 3D print our own living room?

Can we 3D print our own living room?

Can we 3D print our own living room?

There are plenty of ways to customize a printer, but there aren’t many that can print a complete living room. Until now.
A 3D printer is a great way to print any object and custom make one that’s just right for you.
3D printer and 3D printing, 3D rendering software, 3D modeling, and 3D printing,
Other exciting news, 3D printing improvement, 3D printer and 3D printing.
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What’s New in the IdeaMaker?

In this video, we are speaking about a free application called IdeaMaker. It has a drag and drop feature where you can move around and then slice them into any format that you want. This is a step by step tutorial showing you how to get IdeaMaker, how to get started with it and the basic features that are available in the app. This is an essential app to use for any 3D printer because you can create your own models and save them to a certain printer. It is very intuitive and easy to use.
IdeaMaker Works With:
Filament supported: PolyLactic Acid (PLA)
Supported Printer: RepRapPro
Tutorial by Jason Broughton:
Chat with us on Facebook or just send us an email:

From Business to Art: How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing Art

Weaving 3D objects is pretty much the same as weaving in reality, so what’s the big deal?
If you’re still trading 3D models over the internet, like every other whiz kid, you’re doing it wrong.
So the challenge was how to make 3D printing in house? How? About two years ago, a friend introduced me to EOS, who pointed me to the SLM, so I just kept looking at their products and trying to figure out where would be a good fit for me——because not only do I do industrial 3D printing, but I do a lot of things in the field of 3D modeling and working with polymer clay, and they could easily make machines that could handle that.
So I gave them a call—and they actually helped me do my own prototyping—and the next thing I know, I have my own 3D printer.
I made my 3D models, 3D printed them, and then I started selling products and services to clients about 2.5 years ago.
In that time I’ve learned how to make 3D models, how to prepare them for the printers, and how to design them for the printers.
I’ve learned how to 3D print things, how to design 3D objects for printing, and now I want to share what I’ve learned.
Henderson: Hi. I’m David Henderson, founder of Henderson Designs. Today, I want to give you a brief introduction to 3D printing and explain why you should start designing in 3D now.
I want to touch on two issues today: the first is why

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems:
Mac OSX 10.7 Lion
DirectX 9.0c with latest Windows Update installed and updated
Min:Mac OSX 10.7 LionDirectX 9.0c with latest Windows Update installed and updated
Latest DirectX Update is recommended but not required
Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
DirectX 11.0 with latest Windows Update installed and updated
Mac OSX 10.


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