Designed as the portable counterpart of Uniform Server, a small-sized and resourceful tool that enables you to quickly deploy a web server for Apache, MySQL and PHP. It can be easily accessed from the system tray and lets you change settings sd well as view server information and logs.
No installation necessary
Since there is no installer implied, you can save the app directory to any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to launch Uniform Server. Another option is to save it to a pen drive or similar removable storage unit, to be able to run it on any PC directly and without any installers.
An important aspect worth keeping in mind is that it does not add new entries to the Windows registry or create extra files on the HDD without your consent, thus leaving it clean after removal.
Easily deploy web servers from the system tray
Uniform Server lets you quickly start the Apache and MySQL servers, view the server status, check the Apache syntax for any errors, edit the MySQL configuration, change or restore its password, as well as to examine the MySQL backup log details.
Resort to handy tools and configure settings
In addition, the software application gives you the possibility to access the admin, phpMyAdmin, local host and SSL root panels, generate server certificates and keys, and more.
Evaluation and conclusion
There were no kind of issues in our tests, since Uniform Server did not freeze, crash or pop up error messages. It had minimal impact on CPU and RAM, so it shouldn't hamper system performance.
To sum it up, Portable Uniform Server offers a simple and reliable solution to put together a web server that supports Apache, PHP and MySQL.







Portable Uniform Server Activator (April-2022)

An easy-to-use tool that allows you to set up a Web server in minutes. It works as a portable program that starts the Apache and MySQL servers and allows you to view server information, edit the Apache, MySQL and PHP configuration settings and check their syntax and errors. It provides a detailed view of log files, is compatible with Windows 7 and 8.
● A portable Web server that is easy to start and configure, and doesn’t hamper system performance.
● Supports Apache, MySQL and PHP.
● Allows you to set up and manage a Web server in minutes.
● Can be used as a portable program, i.e., it can be installed on any drive without any installer.
● Runs as a portable app;
● Access the Apache, MySQL and PHP admin panels, as well as local host and SSL root panels;
● Allows you to check server configuration settings and log files;
● Generates SSL certificates and keys and offers you detailed information about the backup;
● Creates a log file in the default location;
● Supports Apache, MySQL and PHP versions 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.0.x and 5.5.x;
● Works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7, and on Windows 8;
● Starts the Apache and MySQL servers when clicked and runs without any installation;
● Doesn’t add new entries to the Windows registry or create extra files on the hard disk without your consent;
● Removes any Registry or other startup entries created by the app.
Release Date:
This program was launched in the App Store on January 4, 2017.
Buy it here:

Minimal install tool that allows you to install, uninstall or update the latest version of any software application.
In addition, this installer tool lets you move the original program and its data to another hard disk, as well as download and install other applications that can be used for the same purpose.
Also, this tool allows you to set custom actions such as to automatically launch the program, to start the installation process, and more.
Manage your applications efficiently:
This tool is not a standalone installer. It will first show you all the applications that are installed on the computer.

Portable Uniform Server Crack + [Mac/Win] 2022

Create a central keyboard macro to control web servers
Keyboard macro tool is a tool that uses the Windows registry to store some information
Its main functions include command input, configuration, management, record/playback and notification. It can store information about hotkeys, macros, key mappings, keystroke sequences, custom actions and prompts. It can also generate and save configuration files in XML format.
✅ Automatically generates hotkeys and macros to control web servers
✅ Reads.reg files
✅ Options to configure macro settings
✅ Allows to record/playback keyboard actions
✅ Manages hotkeys, key mappings, keystroke sequences, custom actions and prompts
✅ Allows to write its own scripts and notifications
? Supports all Unicode characters
? Save hotkeys and macros
? Record/playback macro settings
? Allow to specify different macro groups
? Built-in play back hotkeys
? Supports hotkeys from all available keyboard groups
? Keeps configuration files in XML format
? Supports all Unicode characters
? Keeps settings
? Easy to import/export settings
? To install, it requires the following:
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
• At least 1 GB of RAM
• The application can be automatically downloaded via Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Internet Explorer.
? To run the software, press the “Start” button, type “keymacro” in the search box and press “Enter”
How to Install KeyMacro:
1- Download the software by clicking on the link “Download KeyMacro”.
2- Choose the location on your hard disk where you want to install the software application.
3- Once the program finishes downloading, extract it and launch it.
4- For installation, it is necessary to click the “Next” button
5- Follow the instructions on the screen and confirm the installation process.
6- Finally, you must click “Finish” to return to the main page.
KeyMacro User Guide:
1- To work with KeyMacro, you need to access the settings, or the configuration.
2- To do so, simply double-click the program icon.
3- You can access the settings directly from the main menu

Portable Uniform Server Product Key 2022

This is not an installer. This is a portable application. It does not install or modify your operating system. It simply extracts the contents of an application archive file to a directory and saves any changes it makes to your computer.
Note: Some applications, including Portable Windows v3.0, will extract files in a temporary directory and then move them to the proper location in your application directory.
Most antivirus programs classify this as a scareware application. This is the reason why we don’t recommend it for everyone, but only if you trust our recommendations. In case of any problems or queries about the product, please contact us.
Please note that the executable file is not accompanied with a readme file, nor a license agreement. For that information, please read the manual page, usually found in the archive after extracting the files to the desired directory.
Portable Utilities
In addition to the main executable, Portable Utilities comes with two additional app files:
Portable App Manager (PAM)
Portable Application Manager (PAM) is a simple software application to manage portable application files. It helps you install and remove portable applications. It also lets you compress and decompress archives, along with viewing their contents.

This is a utility to quickly transfer your text files from one Windows operating system to another. The program can quickly copy any text files you need, from one PC to another, regardless of their size. It also allows you to quickly transfer your text files to a portable device or disc.
The program is easy to use: just open the file containing the files you want to transfer and click the Copy files to clipboard button to start the process. If you want to copy files from other folders, you can select the source folder to search for them.
The transfer is simple: the files are copied from your Windows PC to the desired device, then you can paste the files to your destination. The program can copy any file format, such as Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and many more.
This utility comes with a built-in portable version of Notepad, in case you don’t have this particular file on your Windows PC.

This is a simple backup utility. It lets you easily copy all the files and folders from one computer to another. You can specify which folder to transfer and which files to leave out.
Once the operation is complete, you can extract the list of copied files to a text file, restore the previous version of the files or move the list of copied files

What’s New In?

To provide an intuitive web server management software for Windows users, TS Applications has developed a Windows portable app for all Apache, PHP and MySQL users. Having a clean look and easy to use features, it enables you to quickly deploy a web server and view its information.
– Web server administration
– Supports Apache, MySQL and PHP
– Windows platform support
– OS independent
– Easy to use
– Saves settings
– Shows configuration errors
– Windows clipboard support
– System tray notifications
System requirements:
– Windows 2000, Windows XP or higher
– 100 MB of free hard disk space
– 300 MHz processor or higher
– 800×600 or higher resolution screen
After a successful installation, use Portable Uniform Server to manage the web server, making it possible to check its status, access its configuration, create certificates, generate user accounts, manage backups, browse and print its logs.

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Postgresql update transaction fails if I put it in a stored function

I have a function that I use to do an update of a table in a transaction.
I have noticed that if I put it in a stored function, I get a transaction failed error. If I use it in a non-stored function, it executes with no errors.
This is my function:
CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION unique_id(l_id bigint) RETURNS bigint AS
DECLARE t_id bigint;

‚SELECT MAX(id) FROM MyTable WHERE L_ID=“‘ || l_id || ““;
RETURN (SELECT MAX(id) FROM MyTable WHERE L_ID=“‘ || l_id || “‘);

LANGUAGE plpgsql;

If I run it from the psql command line, I get no errors:
SELECT unique_id(1)

If I create a function that does nothing and just exists, and put the unique_id function in it, I get the same error:

There seems to be an issue with the oracle driver. I have this stored function

System Requirements For Portable Uniform Server:

Specify quantity of players/teams
Specify quantity of players/teams Main Menu
Create a roster of players
Player Settings
Player Options
User Options

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