RCALLSHOP With Product Key Free For Windows [2022]

Using RCALLSHOP you can monitor your SPA box and get many important information of the calls made and calls received.
There are many reports of the calls recorded in the SPA box and you can check the detailed view in the reports.
RCALLSHOP features:
Some features that you can get with RCALLSHOP are as follows:
– Lists the name of the called and the called that placed the call.
– List the phone that the called placed the call.
– List the minutes used by the call.
– List the name of the called and the call placed.
– Monitor the SPA box usage by you
– Monitor the SPA box usage by your users.
– Monitor the SPA box usage by your manager.
– It is easy to install
– Easy to use, requires no database knowledge.
– Easy to install and runs on Linux/Unix.
– You will get your leased RCALLSHOP license free of charge.
– Also you will receive a free 30 days support contract.
– If you need to renew the support contract you can do it any time.
– You will receive a RCALLSHOP license key
– You will receive a 30 days free support contact.
– You will receive a phone support.
Note: To use this software you have to sign in to your account at racktel and login to the dashboard.
After this follow the step by step instructions in the help file to install the software.
It’s a simple software and you can get the information you need and in some cases you do not need any database.

See our Article about the Racktel CallShop



Racktel is a worldwide known telecom company with over 30 years experience with SPA-2000, SPA-3000 and PAP2.

We are licensed partners of the racktel company and we offer Racktel CallShop, an easy to use software that gives you all the information you need about your calls.

If you want to know how your SPA box is being used, if you want to see the list of calls that has been made or received, if you want to monitor the usage of your SPA box you have found the right place.

The Racktel CallShop software solution is free.

You will get a free trial license by simply contacting us.

If you decide to continue with the


General Description:
1- Easy installation: simply copy the files in to the program directory.
2- Basic calls
Simple dialing using KEYMACRO
3- Available the SIM3
The SIM3 allows the user to transmit and receive calls from his/her Personal Access Service (PAS)
4- Full hook: allows the user to review the trace of any call/call in progress
5- Transmit/Receive analog tone: allows the user to send and receive tones over the air
6- Call options: allows the user to program the options for the calls
7- Available features:
7-1- Call forwarding feature
7-2- Call disconnect feature
7-3- Monitoring feature
7-4- Call transfer feature
7-5- SPA/PAP options: you can program options for your PAS and SPA
8- Calls and Sim cards: can be programmed to work with only SIM cards
9- Call trace feature: is programmed to allow the user to see the call trace
10- Available features:
10-1- Unanswered call: allows the user to place unanswered calls to the user
10-2- Hidden call: allows the user to make calls that are not displayed in the phone log,
10-3- Modify number feature: if a user calls an exisiting number, the user can choose to receive or send
10-4- SPA options: you can set the options for your PAS and SPA
10-5- DCD feature: you can program to allow the callers to hear a pre-recorded message
(Low bandwidth)
10-6- Call speed: allows the user to make and receive calls at specific speeds
(The call speed will be displayed on the bill)
10-7- Call Balance: The call balance will be shown when a call is made
10-8- Call wait time: Allows the user to specify the wait time before the SPA will be on hold
11- Call clear: clear a call
12- Call start: allows the user to start the call
13- Call end: allows the user to end the call
14- Calls and Sim cards: can be programmed to work with only Sim cards
15- Call trace feature: is programmed to allow the user to see the call trace
16- Call options:
16-1- PAS options: you can set the options for your PAS

RCALLSHOP Keygen Full Version [Latest]

System Requirements:
Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit or Windows 8 64bit

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What’s New In RCALLSHOP?

CallShop is an easy-to-use phone usage tracking software that monitors and records phone activity at your SPA/PAP2/APX box in real-time.
To use the software with more than one box, you will still need to purchase a leased license and support is only provided if you purchase a yearly support contract.
RCALLSHOP can be used to monitor SPA boxes and gives a complete review of how the SPA box is been used. In some cases people are using this software to check the calls that are placed via their SPA box at home; Managers are using it to check the phone usage in their business; etc.
The great thing about RCALLSHOP is that it works locally. There is no need to check different providers specially if the provider does not offer good reports.
RCALLSHOP(S) works well with SPA-2000, SPA-3000 and PAP2 and you may find the FAQ at: and it is used under pressure while it has been very stable.
Limitations: To be used only with one SPA/PAP box. You will still need to purchase a leased license and support is only provided if you purchase a yearly support contract.

As the software is multiplatform we give you the ability to choose your platform. The following platforms are supported: Windows, Linux, MacOS X.

Step 3: Installing the software

Login to your account on the development server.
Go to the folder where you downloaded the file or you find the “Downloads” section of your account.
Look for a file with the same name as you got from the download link, for example: “RacktelCallShop_Win_3_0_0.zip”.
Unzip the file (by right-click on it and select “Extract Here”).
Go to “RCALLSHOP-Win_3_0_0-Win32-Setup.exe” and run it.
Follow the steps during the installation to finish it.

Note that at the end of the installation you will see a window with the following message: “This software has been installed”.

To finish the installation it is necessary to close all running programs before running RCALLSHOP.

Step 4: Using the software

Before using RCALLSHOP it is necessary to login with your account on the main server.
Go to the folder where you installed the software.
Open RCALLSHOP-Main-Setup.exe and follow the steps during the installation to finish it.
Open RCALLSHOP-Win_3_0_0-Win32-Setup.exe and run it.
Login with your account

System Requirements For RCALLSHOP:

AMD 64/Intel 32 or higher
Windows 10 64-bit OS
1GHz Processor (c.v. 40%)
1024×768 screen resolution
16GB of free HDD space
Sound Card
Internet Connection
Suggested Specs:
AMD Ryzen™ 3 1300X, AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400, AMD Ryzen™ 5 1500X
Intel i5-7600K, Intel i5-7600, Intel i5-7200, Intel i5-7300


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