Without denying that you can create an impressive audio collection on iTunes, sometimes you want to take your favorite music with you. Unfortunately, due to the DRM protection, you can solely listen to your favorite artists and tracks with the dedicated app within your subscription period.
TuneMobie Apple Music Converter is a tool that designed to help you remove the protection and convert the music to other file formats that allow you to play them on any car system, MP3 players and smartphone.
Convert audiobooks, tracks and podcasts in three easy steps
Even though it does not sport a stylish look, the interface is clean, intuitive and hence, unlikely to give you any troubles. It goes without saying that you need to have iTunes installed on your computer, as the app reads the library directly from there. In case you are not able to view it, restart iTunes or hit refresh.
Functionality-wise, the application is as simple to use as it looks, meaning that you can convert the desired tracks in just a few steps. Simply put, after you select the audio files, you need to choose the output settings and then, hit the convert button.
Save the processed files with a customizable filename
It is important to note that the application works with audio files only, so you cannot process media and videos, for instance. Then again, it compensates through the dozens of output format options it can provide you.
In addition to the plethora of formats, you can alter the bitrate, sample rate, channel, codec and enable the metadata to change file information, such as album, genre or artist, for tracks you previously downloaded. Another noteworthy option is that you can specify the output name for the files, an alternative that makes them easier to find later on.
A simple utility that can help you process Apple music for other devices
Regardless of whether you are preparing for a long trip, want to enjoy podcasts in your car on your way to work or like to hear some motivating tracks when you are working out, TuneMobie Apple Music Converter allows you to remove the DRM protection and play audio on various devices.


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To remove the DRM from Apple Music files and convert them to MP3, a free program is required. TuneMobie Apple Music Converter is a simple and useful tool that allows you to do just that. In fact, it supports a wide range of audio files and can convert almost any Apple Music song to MP3. You can process your favorite audio files on your iPhone or iPod, save the produced files in the correct format and enjoy your music anytime, anyplace, on any device.

Ultra Music Manager is an application that allows you to synchronize, organize, manage and edit all your media in your library by simply dragging and dropping media files, folders and music tracks into the respective area on your device. The app also features music cataloging, playback, local and online radio streaming.
Key features:
• Catalog your music, videos, photos and other media
• Organize your media in various folders
• Edit your media metadata
• Stream online radio
• Download music from the web
Ultra Music Manager is a must-have application for all music lovers that want to create and save music catalogs, stream music from the web and download music from the Internet. The application was created to help users become familiar with how music is cataloged and organized on MP3 devices, and how media can be moved around within the device. In addition to all the features the application offers, it also features a powerful music browser that allows you to manage and organize the media files you store in your library.
Key features:
• View and manage all your music
• List and sort music by artist, genre, album, playlist, tracks, artists or songs
• Organize the music into various folders, playlists and playlists
• Edit your album and song titles
• Use the favorites tab to bookmark your favorite music
• Stream online radio
• Download music from the web

Ultra Music Manager is an application that allows you to synchronize, organize, manage and edit all your media in your library by simply dragging and dropping media files, folders and music tracks into the respective area on your device. The app also features music cataloging, playback, local and online radio streaming.
Key features:
• Catalog your music, videos, photos and other media
• Organize your media in various folders
• Edit your media metadata
• Stream online radio
• Download music from the web
Ultra Music Manager is a

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KEYMACRO is a powerful Windows utility to convert and preview images and videos. It supports a large number of formats and codecs. KEYMACRO converts single images/videos to all popular formats like TIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, TGA, DPX, WPG, AVI, MPEG, 3GP, MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, RA, MOD, MIDI, WAV, WMA, DAT, AAC, OGA, OGM, OGG, M4B, OBB, TTS, 3GPP, 3GP2, MP2, WMA2, MP3, AC3, MP4, FLAC, ALAC, OMA, WAV2, FLAC2, RTMP, AMR, OGG2, SV8, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MP3-NB, MP3-WB, AAC-NB, AAC-WB, AAC-WB+, GSM-SB, GSM-AMR-WB, GSM-AMR-NB, AAC-NB+, AAC-WB+, GSM-AMR-NB+, GSM-AMR-WB+, GSM-AMR-NB+, GSM-AMR-WB+ and ASF. If you have any unknown files on your computer, just import them, and they will be converted quickly and automatically. Besides, KEYMACRO can also preview all popular formats. It supports the following display modes: list, grid, list view and preview view. By clicking the selected item in the list, you can see an image/video file in the grid. Moreover, you can also view an image/video in the preview mode. After previewing, you can also set your favorite images and videos to a template, and you can use it for the subsequent conversions. You can also use this tool to batch convert images/videos with one click. And, if you need to convert a lot of images/videos, you can do it easily with the help of KEYMACRO. Key features: ● Batch conversion: The conversion can be carried out in a batch mode. Besides, you can also preview the image/video as a list and set it to a template. And you can easily convert your images/videos with one click. ● Preview: Preview all popular formats, such as TIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG

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The 5 Best Music Apps for Android

With all the latest and greatest Android devices, there’s no way that you can go for long without having to run some sort of music app on your phone. Whether you’re out and about, listening to the radio, or just at home, you’ll want to be able to listen to your favorite tracks anywhere. Thankfully, most Android devices can run audio players that are just as good as, or better than, the ones on the desktop.
There are a number of music apps for Android, and even though they’re not all created equal, there are some that really shine. This list has been put together with your needs in mind, with a focus on quality, functionality, and user experience. Here are the 5 best music apps for Android.
1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a streaming music player that is inarguably one of the best music apps for Android. Google Play Music also works on any smartphone or tablet running Google’s Android software, and features a powerful search tool.

By way of comparison, Google Play Music includes access to more than 20 million songs, and over 60 million tracks, as well as over 20 million artists and over 30 million albums. If you’re a Google Play Music subscriber, then you also get high-quality streaming for free, as well as the ability to play offline.

Another standout feature is the ability to stream songs on demand, as well as listen to those songs offline. While other music apps may require you to install their music library on your device, Google Play Music allows you to take the music with you, be it on your smartphone, tablet, or smartphone hotspot.

The playlist feature in Google Play Music lets you build your own customized playlists, and share them with others. If you play around with the advanced settings, you can even rate and comment on songs that you play.

While the Android music experience can be improved, Google Play Music really nails it. It’s well-designed, intuitive, and has one of the best music libraries of any music app on Android.
2. Spotify

Spotify is without a doubt the best streaming music app on Android. Spotify features over 20 million tracks, as well as over 20 million artists, over 60 million albums, and 50 million playlists.

The major advantage of Spotify is the ability to play offline, meaning that you can listen to your

What’s New In?

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter is the best Apple Music Converter software. It can easily convert Apple Music to MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG and WAV formats. It can also download iTunes music from the Internet directly, extract DRM from Apple Music and convert Apple Music to iPhone, iPad, iPod and other portable devices.

Supported DRM for Apple Music Converter
DRM protection in Apple Music is most of the time with AAC-AAC, AAC-LC, AC3, FLAC, ALAC and MP3, MP4, M4A, FLAC-WAV and MP3-WAV. This Apple Music Converter has built-in several DRM removal features and Apple Music Converter can remove the iTunes DRM protection from Apple Music and convert to various popular audio formats like MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV and APE.

Supported by Apple Music Converter
Mac users can download the Apple Music Converter and Apple Music Converter for Mac from the Apple website to convert Apple Music to MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE and WAV for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod touch, Android, other devices and listen to music in any device via Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Flexible Output Settings
TuneMobie Apple Music Converter supports all common audio and video formats including MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, FLAC, M4A, APE, APK, MP4, MP4V, 3GP, 3GPP, MOV, M4V, etc. With the output settings options, you can easily choose the output formats with up to 100%, and all the features are perfectly supported.

Seamless Conversion
After you choose the audio files, you just need to select the output formats and hit the convert button. Then, the application will convert the audio files to the target format with only several clicks. After the conversion, you can immediately preview the audio and output the processed files into the desired location.

Advanced Search Engine
TuneMobie Apple Music Converter not only can support multiple video and audio formats, but also allows you to search and download music with a built-in search engine. You can easily sort and search music according to different categories, such as Album, Artist, Popular or R&B, and other details. It is suitable for people with wide music interests.

Low CPU Requirement
TuneMobie Apple Music Converter is an iTunes/iPod/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android Music Converter, it can not only convert iTunes music/iPod music/iPhone music/iPad music/iPod touch music/Android music/audio file, but also can convert iTunes music/iPod

System Requirements For TuneMobie Apple Music Converter:

Windows 7/Windows 8
Windows 10
X-box One, X-box One X, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation VR
HTC Vive or Oculus Rift
Touchscreen compatible mobile device
Surface Pro, Surface Book or any Windows tablet with a touch interface
Any modern game with a VR-supported input
Discontinued products
Best of the Best:
Endless runner and 3D maze game Tetris Effect


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