LastChance is a desktop tool that offers the facility to run programs when the machine is shutting down.
Once the user chooses Shutdown from the Start menu, LastChance will intercept the shutdown request and optionally run the configured programs, waiting for them to finish before continuing the shutdown procedure.









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3.1 Supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
3.2 Run programs and document immediately after shutdown.
3.3 Support multiple programs.
3.4 Support to shutdown by Windows „shutdown“ command.
3.5 Supports to save & run programs to SSD with no wait.
What Is New in This Release:
1. Provide option to „Power Protection Group“ of Startup Programs.
2. Launch & manage this utility with Win + R button.
3. Run programs from „LastChance Crack Keygen“ on windows shutdown and power off.
4. More more…

The utility is supposed to shutdown Windows (in the sense of the
shutdown command) and postpone the shutdown to the next available
time. It does this by informing the users when they’re about to shut
down, and then sits in an infinite loop until there’s time for them
to do the shutdown. This means users must be willing to leave the
computer on overnight and lets them start up in the morning – and
yet, unlike a conventional shutdown, it continues to work well, even
on dual-boot machines.

File a bug report!

To give feedback on this program, please either:

1) Email me:

2) Create a bug report, please.

Open a bug report when you think something is broken, not when you think there’s something you think we should do. Otherwise, there’ll be no accountability.

If you’re writing a bug report, please be as detailed as you can, and include this information:

Version of your Windows:

Your OS UserName:

Your OS UserFullName:

Version of the program you’re using:

Version of the program you think is broken:

Your command line input:

A) You ran it from the Start menu with Open and then selected to run, or

B) You ran it from the Start menu with Open and then selected to Save

If you did a, then please explain what happened after you ran it, so we can understand better.

If you did a and selected to run from the Start menu, then we want you to remove the comments from your Start menu line, so that we can see what your Start menu says.


LastChance With Product Key Download

LastChance Download With Full Crack is a simple tool developed to make possible to run programs just before the system is shut down.
To use LastChance Crack Mac you just have to add the executable file to the executable list for shutdown or reboot.
LastChance Home:
LastChance is available for Windows XP, 2000, Me, NT, 98, 95, 2003 Server, Vista, 2000 Server, 2008 Server and Windows 7.
Currently it is also available for Linux with.deb and.rpm packages that can be downloaded from Softonic.

LastChance is released under GNU GPLv3 License.

App video

Today we are introducing LastChance, a simple tool that allows you to run programs before your computer shuts down.
Using LastChance you can define what applications you want to run when your machine is shutting down.

After a user selects Shutdown from the Start menu, LastChance will intercept the shutdown request and wait for each of the specified programs to finish before continuing the shutdown procedure.

LastChance allows you to run programs when your machine is shutting down or after a scheduled shutdown.


Simple to use, both for users and developers.

Prevent interruptions that can be caused by software or hardware problems.


Can be a little bit buggy.

LastChance is available for Windows XP, 2000, Me, NT, 98, 95, 2003 Server, Vista, 2000 Server, 2008 Server and Windows 7.

The following features are now available:

Add a new program

Run programs on Shut Down

Run programs on Reboot

Remove the selected program from the list of programs to run on shutdown

Options to delay the restart or shutdown so the configured applications will be run.

Run programs before the system shuts down, after the shut down or the scheduled restart.

Removing program

When a program is selected in the list of programs that should be run on shutdown, you can remove it by selecting its name from the list.

When you are about to reboot or shutdown, you will have the chance to run the configured programs.

Run programs on shutdown

When you select Shutdown in the Start menu, LastChance will wait for each of the programs in the list of programs to be finished and then proceed with the shutdown.

When you select Restart, Last

LastChance Keygen Full Version

Starting Windows yourself, you can turn off your machine.
Do you often leave your PC on? Now you can make sure that it will immediately shut down the next time you open it.
When you close your PC, nothing will happen unless you specifically told it to.

You can have LastChance call your favourite or standard programs when you close your PC. You can have LastChance call them right after the machine has started to shutdown or right before the screen goes black – your choice. You can have LastChance intercept shutdowns from other apps, you can set it to never shut down, or whatever you please.

LastChance on Windows 7 runs as a Windows Service and is automatically started when Windows starts, in addition to any services you set it to run automatically.
LastChance will also shut down when Windows starts in case you happen to turn off your PC before LastChance is started.

Below is an explanation of how LastChance works.


When LastChance runs for the first time, you’ll see the Started screen. On this screen, you can select either Run or View Logs. Click the Run button to tell LastChance what programs to run. Click the View Logs button to view the LastChance Logs, which contain information about the programs that were run.

To run LastChance with the default settings, click the Start button.


There’s no need to worry about LastChance calling your programs, because LastChance will only call your programs and shut down your PC if the following conditions are met:

– The machine hasn’t been shut down manually (via the Shutdown or Restart commands); and
– The machine hasn’t been hibernated (the Hibernation option in the Shut Down dialog is set to None).

If you’re really worried, just close the machine and restart it.


Clicking either the Run or View Logs button will send LastChance back to the Started screen. You can also click the Reset button at any time to return to the Started screen.

While LastChance is running, the tray icon will display a small cogwheels icon in the right bottom corner of the taskbar. Click this icon to show LastChance’s settings screen. Click the Quit option button to end LastChance and to exit the settings screen.


– A Hibernation switch in

What’s New in the?

* supports Windows 98, 2000, ME, Me 2, NT3, NT4, 2000 Server and XP and Vista
* supports default and custom shutdown, and automatic restart
* supports program configuration, including:
– command line arguments
– paths and files to include (including the default directories for *.exe, *.bat, *.vbs, *.vbe and *.vbext*)
– filename filter
* supports hotkey, command line and/or context-menu command configuration
* commands can be configured to run only once at shutdown or at each power/restart event
* supports hotkey activation and deactivation
* does not require specific users or groups permissions
* handles edge case scenarios, such as system.dlls getting corrupted
* handles SysWOW64 and PE32 (MS-DOS 16 bit) executables
* native.NET 4.0 and C++ integration
* supports plug-ins / add-ons for.NET, COM (ActiveX) and C++
* supports full shutdown (so Windows Explorer won’t crash while the user logs off)
* supports password protected reboot (shutdown menu)
* supports application and service priorities on Windows 8 (Windows 7 is supported)
* supports scheduled shutdowns
* supports background services (Windows Server 2003 and Windows 7 with UAC enabled)
* supports proper poweroff (restart) after setting shutdown delay to 0 (0=not-delay)
* supports removal of the last user account when shutting down the system
* can be configured to shutdown when the user signs off or signs off computer (Windows 8 and 7 on top of „Start“ menu)
* supports forcing shutdown/reboot at logon
* supports setting shutdown/reboot delay to 0 (0=no delay)
* supports virtualization
* clean shutdown, no unwanted data left on the system
* log directory can be deleted on system shutdown
* Windows 7 and Vista Startup „Last Hijack“ issues can be handled
* log directory can be deleted on system shutdown
* supports higher-level attributes, such as [ServiceName]/[ServicePath]
* supports custom services (Windows Server 2003 and later) and scheduled shutdowns
* supports „group shutdown“
* supports Windows Sandbox
* supports hotkey and/or context menu
* supports restarting the computer during shutdown
* supports Windows shutdown
* supports AutomaticRestart on shutdown
* supports automatic reboot on restart

System Requirements:

Windows PC
Windows 8 or 10
Mac OS X 10.11 or newer
At least 24 hours of Rock Band 3 or 4 DLC
Have the right version of Rock Band 4
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