Love Calculator 2 is a personal relationship analyzer that enables you to calculate the level of compatibility between you and your partner. The software is based on certain algorithms that support multiple variables and can quickly return a score that reflects the rate of success estimated for your relationship.
Calculate social compatibility between partners
The purpose of Love Calculator Profound is to determine how much can the personal similarities, education or differences influence the success of your relationship. The software takes into consideration multiple variables, that concern the professional life of the partners, family and home, as well as the star signs.
You may also specify the context in which you met with your partner and the reasons why you started a relationship. Moreover, you may also mention the environment in which you most often interact. The software estimates whether the personal background is suitable to sustain a long term relationship.
Estimating the relationship's rate of success
Love Calculator 2 is based on several algorithms, which use the values you attribute to each expression. The questions you need to answer are sorted into categories, which makes it easier to calculate the total score, based on different equations. Another important variable is the star sign match.
Thus, the software can return the results for each category of questions, as well as the final score and the success percentage. While Love Calculator Profound can estimate the compatibility between two partners based on social parameters, it cannot take into consideration human feelings. Instead, it can offer you an impartial analysis of your relationship.
Empirical estimation of your personal relationship
Love Calculator 2 is a simple to use application that can estimate the success rate of the your personal relationship with your partner. The variables involved in the algorithms regard social parameters, professional interests, education and preferences, thus offering you an unprejudiced overview on your compatibility with your partner. The results are accompanied by comments, explaining the implications of your score.







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Love Calculator is a tool for estimating the compatibility between lovers. It can estimate the success rate and the duration of the relationship. The software searches for multiple variables, but it cannot recognize human feelings. The developed algorithm is based on empirical formulas and estimates the success rate of a relationship. You must provide some personal information about yourself and also about your partner. You can specify the time period when you met, the context in which you know each other, as well as the reasons why you started the relationship. The software can estimate the success rate of your relationship, and can also present the results for all categories of variables that concern the compatibility with your partner.

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Love Calculator 2 With License Key [Mac/Win]

The Calculator is designed for the use in monitoring human compatibility. It is designed to work with two users: Your partner or partners.
The Software covers three areas:
1. The composition of the couple – The composition of the couple consists of the social parameters that concern the social life, education, lifestyle, professional career and home life. These include factors such as education, age, occupation, salary, house, the state of your country and region.
2. Matching – The Calculator also covers the area of matching. The algorithm matches you and your partners horoscopes.
3. Relationship – The Relationship is an algorithm that calculates the strength of your relationship. It is based on the mutual relationship between the two of you, including your frequency of interaction, as well as your opinion about the success rate of your relationship.
You can also set the date of your relationship or bring your relationship to the relationship history.
Love Calculator 2 Serial Key App Features:
– Adjustable questions and answers
– The input of the current date if you want the result to be automatic.
– The questions are adaptive and can be automatically adjusted.
– Various analysis features, including:
– Checking the Compatibility
– The Degree of Compatibility
– How likely is your marriage and family life
– Average Duration of Marriage
– Compatibility between the couple
– The percentage of success.
What’s New in This Version:
– The Copy/Paste function is now available in the screenshotting tool.
– If you need a printout of the summary of your evaluation, you can now get a screenshot of the results.
– Added the ability to check the price of the items displayed on the screenshots.
– You can now send the app data to the account on the App Store.
– The screenshot tool now allows users to rotate the view.

Your education, professional background and lifestyle have a great effect on the success of your relationship, just as your partner’s work and preferences do. The Love Calculator Profound software reveals the factors that form your relationship and the information that the two of you share. The calculator enables you to measure the potential success of your relationship based on five areas of your lifestyle: Education, Occupation, Home, Family and Lifestyle. This collection of compatible software will help you assess how you are and how you’d be as a couple. Calculate compatibility and success
The Love Calculator Profound software has five main areas of analysis. The first area includes the points you assign to various settings, including

Love Calculator 2 Free

Love Calculator 2 is a relationship analyzer that calculates the rate of success of your personal relationship. Its algorithms can estimate the probability of success of the relationship by taking into account a number of factors, such as social background, professional life and education, as well as star sign compatibility and expectations. The practicality and simplicity of Love Calculator 2 allow anyone to use it while staying away from making educated assumptions.

A latest research on human brain has revealed that every person has a predefined amount of love or the maximum capacity that can be used. While a number of factors including age and previous relationships can impact a relationship’s success, if left unchecked, this new discovery can be a determining factor.
Love Calculator 2 can calculate the probability of your relationship’s success and give you an estimation of the successful opportunities you have with your partner. It should be noted that the application’s algorithms take into consideration factors, which are not always associated with love. These may include family background, education and profession, as well as personal expectations.
Love Calculator 2 is a useful relationship analyzer designed to make a relationship more predictable. The application calculates the probabilities of your relationship’s success, based on predefined algorithms, that consider a number of crucial factors, such as the education background, the number of people in the family and the demographic features.
Love Calculator Profound helps you to calculate the chance of your relationship’s success, based on relevant factors, such as educational background, family size and expectations. With Love Calculator Profound, you’ll be able to calculate the rate of success in your relationship based on multiple variables. It is very easy to use and it will estimate your compatibility with your partner in a minute.

It is very possible for you to run into a situation when your relationship is struggling for success. Love Calculator Profound will show you the probability of a successful relationship, which should help you identify problems and correct them so you can have a long term relationship.
Why love calculator 2?
1. Love Calculator 2 is very easy to use!
2. Analyses the compatibility with your star sign!
3. Profoundly calculates the rate of success of your relationship!
4. It is very practical!
5. It will analyze the compatibility between you and your partner!
6. It will analyze the compatibility between you and your family!
7. You should be familiar with the compatibility before getting into a relationship!
8. It is very easy to use!
9. It will determine the compatibility between you and

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