If you work almost exclusively with your computer, regardless of the task, you might need a quick way to keep in touch with various contacts.
One Tap Messages is a handy application that allows you to create message templates on your computer and send them in a quick, convenient manner.
Easy setup
Deploying this program to your computer can be accomplished without considerable efforts, given that it is a Windows Store application and it does not require any complicated configuration.
The only necessary steps are navigating to the product's page and hitting the "Get app" button, as the rest of the process unfolds automatically, without requiring any additional assistance on your side.
Create message templates
One Tap Messages enables you to create various message templates so that you can send them in a much quicker manner. It already comes with a series of pre-defined templates, in case you want to test its capabilities before creating your own content.
In order to generate a new template, you need to assign it a title, fill the "Text" field, choose the message type from the combo menu, specify the recipient and choose a color from the list. Although the "Text" field is marked as optional, this field is the body of the message, making the "Optional" label pointless, just as sending an empty message.
Few improvements needed
If you decide to send an email message with this application, you will still need to fill the "Subject" field before sending it, as One Tap Messages doesn't do that for you.
Handy message template generator with sending support
To wrap it up, One Tap Messages is a handy application that helps you create message templates on your computer if you want to send pre-defined messages in a quick manner. It supports emails, various social media clients or SMS and comes with a selection of sample templates, so that you can test its capabilities before actually inputting personal data into the application.









One Tap Messages Download

„One Tap Messages“ application let you create message templates and send them in a quick, convenient manner. One Tap Messages is a handy application that you can use to create message templates and send them in a quick, convenient manner. The templates can be email, different types of SMS or Twitter feeds.

One Tap Messages Features
· Create message templates with texts, images, videos and sounds
· Send text messages, emails, social media and Twitter in one go
· Supports emails, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
· Supports various styles of writing
· Supports various font types
· Supports images, video, audios
· Supports attachments such as pdf, jpg, png, psd, excel
· Supports dates and times
· Supports table and display data
· Supports various message content in short replies (SMS), emails (email) or social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin)
· Supports attach content to a template or leave blank if empty
· Has a minimum font size of 7 pixels
Download Link:

One Tap Messages for iPhone and Android
One Tap Messages for iPhone and Android are available for iOS and Android users.
1. Create message templates on iPhone
One Tap Messages for iPhone lets you create message templates on iPhone. The templates can be emailed, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn messages.
2. One Tap Messages for Android
One Tap Messages for Android is available for Android users.
3. Sending messages
One Tap Messages for iPhone and Android allows you to send messages in a quick and convenient manner.
How to use One Tap Messages?
1. Create message templates
Go to the menu bar in your iPhone and tap „More“ and „Settings“.
2. Tap „More“ and „Settings“.
3. Tap „Mail, Contacts, Calendars“.
4. Tap „Account“.
5. If you don’t have an account, tap „Add Account“.
6. Tap „Add“ and make a new account.
7. Enter your email address and password.
8. Tap „Sign In“.
9. Select the „Read and Write“ option.
10. Tap „Next“.

One Tap Messages Activation Code Free

* Easily create customized message templates on your computer
* Create, send, and receive messages from any Windows PC or Mac
* Send messages in text, image, video, audio, and even GIF format
* Format with fonts, colors, locations, and more
* Record and email audio and video clips
* Quickly create, send, and receive text or email messages
* Receive messages and more from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype, and more
* Send SMS text messages from any Windows PC or Mac
Download One Tap Messages for Windows.

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Keeps up with the fast-paced technology world.
Easy to use, as you don’t have to do a thing to start using it.
Create and send text, photo, voice and video messages instantly.
Communicate with text, voice, photos and videos to send and receive texts.
Add a photo, a voice note or your favorite YouTube video to a message.
Send your message in just a few clicks.
Use the live caption feature to know what your receiver is saying.
Send a text message, photos, video or voice notes and get text messages in the same or separate tabs.
Also send messages in a standalone window.
Save your messages to your phone for easy and fast access to them.
How it works:
• Text messages, photos, videos and voice notes are saved in separate tabs or in a tab. You can download the message and see it in the separate tab.
• You can share with different people the same or a different message in separate tabs or in a separate window.
• You can also share a message, a photo, a video or a voice note via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Skype and other apps.
• You can even send your messages as WhatsApp to your friends.
• You can even add a live caption feature to a message or picture.
• You can even add a gesture to a message or a picture.
• You can record and send a video, sound, or GIF file in a message.
• You can send in a specific message the audio from an album.
• You can record a message and send it as a normal text.
• You can even add a voice note in a message or a photo and send them in a separate window.
• You can use a GIF image instead of a file in a photo.
• You can even add a video to a photo.
• You can also add a post-it to a photo.
• You can also add a gesture to a photo.
• You can even add a photo to a video.
• It is very easy to add a photo, a video, a voice note or a GIF file to a message.
• You can add a sound to a photo.
• You can add a live caption feature to a photo.
• You can even add a photo to a text.
• You can add an emblem to a photo.
• You can add a sticker to a photo.

What’s New In?

The fastest way to communicate with contacts.
One Tap Message
One Tap Message is an utility that helps you to create more effective message for quick communication with your contacts. You can create a text message, email message or an SMS message, depending on which application the recipient uses.
One Tap Message Description:
The most convenient way to communicate with contacts.

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