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Extract from Software Description:

PDMLynx Cracked Accounts is the leading product data management software for the engineering and manufacturing sectors. It provides a complete data management system that allows you to organize and control the production of your products. PDMLynx can be run locally, or distributed throughout your company allowing your management team to centralize all product data in a single, easy-to-use software tool.

PDMLynx can be operated using a combination of client and server software. The server software allows you to distribute changes to multiple clients over a company network, for example, across a campus or home office. Changes are stored in a central repository that can be accessed by any client PC when changes are approved by the company management.

Prolonged use of PDMLynx ensures that your company is equipped with a powerful data management tool that will increase your sales and reduce your business operations costs. Many of your internal processes will be completely automated. The PDMLynx server software allows clients to view, annotate and electronically approve changes.

What PDMLynx offers:

Vendor Compliance

Under the vendor compliance process, all the company’s vendors are registered by the product owner. PDMLynx automatically maintains vendors in a vendor register, associates all the components of a product to vendors, and allows you to easily check for compliance with all current and future vendors. You can also add a vendor when required and assign a valid contact name and address to each one.

Work Item Tracking

The ability to track and control all aspects of the project means you can assign, track and manage all related work products at any stage of the project, and verify that you have made all related changes. Each change is recorded, and whenever the related work changes, it is recorded in the database. PDMLynx supports a variety of work product types such as projects, assemblies, assemblies, BOMs, attributes and locations.

Working Environment

You control who has access to what information within the database. As you enter data into each component, you are able to view data for the whole or part of the assembly. You are also able to add and edit changes to all documents as needed. For example, when you finish engineering a part

PDMLynx Crack + Free License Key

PDMLynx is a professional product data management software tool that allows you to organize all engineering and manufacturing documents within your company. It provides you with a working environment which helps you maintain a complete database that can be accessed by every employee that has access rights.

To increase productivity and efficiently manage your business, PDMLynx provides you with the necessary tools to locate changes made on any component used by the company, and find out the reason and the name of the person that made changes to each document allowing you to understand the impact of these changes for all the products.

If you have administrator rights, you can install part changes to all the BOMs (Bills of Materials) in the company, make sure the all work is done using the latest revisions of the product’s design, verify that every part in the assembly meets compliance standards, reduce development time by speeding up the ECO (Engineering Change Order) process, ensure that created products meet the requirements for industry certification and manage independent databases for unique customers.

Fully-featured product data management tool
From the main window of PDMLynx, you can manage suppliers, parts, BOMs and products, as well as keep track of all the notifications received via email.

PDMLynx allows you to centralize all electronic documents that include mechanical drawings, specifications, schematics, test data and procedures, assembly and inspection procedures, product and assembly images and product development records.

Because PDMLynx works in a client-server environment, all software updates can be distributed automatically to each client’s workstation, rendering the software very easy to administer.

Efficient product manager utility
All in all, PDMLynx is a complex management tool that is useful for industry managers to control the quality of their products according to approved manufacturers and vendors. With the help of PDMLynx’s automated management products, you can create a single data source for your entire company to have access to.

Table of contents

Main features
PDMLynx works seamlessly with all other Microsoft Windows applications, thus creating a well integrated environment which is completely user-friendly. Below are some of the main features of the software:

System requirements

Running in Microsoft Windows. Client PC must have:

Installed Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional or higher.

A minimum of 3.2GB of RAM

PC must have a sound card.

Macintosh computer running OS X

PDMLynx Product Key [32|64bit]

PDMLynx is a professional, easy-to-use product data management software utility designed to store all the documents necessary for the design and production of mechanical products.
All documents (including drawings, specifications, schematics, and test data) are kept in a single repository, allowing you to create a complete knowledge base of your products and to trace all changes to components and equipment (part changes).
This software also allows you to manage the entire product development process. To speed up the ECO (Engineering Change Order) process, you can automatically merge all work that has been submitted by authorized personnel, and the BOMs can be used by all employees of your company to save time.
You can also compare drawings before and after changes made by specifying the reference drawing and the engineer’s signature.
The application also provides a sophisticated status listing for all changes, which makes it easy for you to monitor all the changes made for all documents. Furthermore, this application can be used to create other products (i.e., components and end products), such as equipment maintenance, assembling instructions, and associated images.
This multi-users product data management software also provides a simple file-sharing system that allows you to collaborate with all employees. These products also allow you to:
* Keep track of the status of all incoming emails.
* View and print the most recent documents issued.
* Create a separate database for each customer.
* Lock and unlock schematics and drawings to manage access levels.
* Manage all documents containing BOMs.
* Track all products.
* Manage all parts by their respective status, vendor, and serial number.
* Integrate new products with current documents.
* Create a single database for your entire company.
* Manage all engineering changes and make sure that the ISO 9001 compliance procedures are being followed.
* Manage all partners, suppliers and contractors.
* Manage Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures.
* Manage all documents and test data (such as diagrams, videos and text).
Key Features:
– Works on client-server. This means that all database updates are distributed to all the workstations.
– PDMLynx can be accessed via a web browser or a desktop application via a secured network.
– Allows all authorized employees to access BOMs.
– Allows the creation of a centralized database for all documents.
– Performs change control by comparing the current revision with past revisions.

What’s New In PDMLynx?

• Manage all engineering and manufacturing documents within your company
• Completely organize all documents based on their complexity, version and assignment
• Create different target groups for your documents
• Control versions of documents
• Compose content of documents
• Edits can be reviewed by reviewers
• All changes are logged and can be recovered
• All documents can be searched for a particular word or phrase and sorted by creation date
• Sort all documents on the basis of their sensitivity
• Extract data from any document
• Back up your documents
• Collect, index, and export documents for you to access them on any device
• Inventory documents when they are lost or accidentally deleted
• Collect documents from any source, including scanned images
• Export documents to PDF, ePTF, or any industry-standard file format
• Save a template of the document as it is being edited to manage future changes
• Generate xlpr files from the documents
• Remove obsolete and/or confidential data with a simple click of a button
• Export documents for printing, e-mailing, or sending as a PDF file
• Generate all necessary changes to the generated xlpr file automatically
• Automatically remove access points after data has been exported
• Print all edits made by users on a document
• Delete a document by restoring it to its original version
• Automatically generate quotes for any document before exporting
• Export all layers of a document as image files
• Protect against data loss or data theft by encrypting documents
• Generate file names using any of a number of random characters
• Duplicate a document into a separate folder to protect against data loss
• Export the license status of documents
• View the search history of any user’s search
• Identify and edit non-conforming documents with ease
• Prevent a document from being edited by manually specifying the name of the person who will edit it
• Customize the layout of the main window of the tool with various themes
• Learn to use the document processing rules in the software to speed up all document processing tasks
• Speed up the approval process
• View information about a document that has been submitted to create a general view
• Customize the user interface of the software for the best user experience
• Use the user interface of PDMLynx to take control of all the documents in your company
• Posting of documents
• Save any document on any server and load it at any time without having to re

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (with Service Pack 1)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6750 (2.66 GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 64 3200 (3.2 GHz)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9c-compatible video card with Shader Model 4.0 support, 256 MB of video memory
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Processor: Intel Core i7

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