Are you nervous when your telephone rings and you don�t know who it might be? You don�t have to be. Sprinx CTI Client will display the call data from switchboard directly on your monitor and will also display information from your CRM in addition to the p
Easy dialing
With Sprinx CTI Client you don’t have to manually dial up every number you find on web sites or in your CRM. You can just mark the number in your internet explorer and click twice – CTI application will dial it up. It is quick and easy.
You know everything about the caller, before you answer the phone
As soon as the telephone starts ringing, a window with the name of the person calling will be displayed.
With one click you can display futher relevant information from your CRM, and be quickly informed about previous meetings and activities connected with calling person. It doesn’t matter if it was your colleague who had handled the previous communication. With Sprinx CTI Client you are prepared for the call even before you answer the phone.
Generating CRM Activities
Just one click and a new activity for your contact in the CRM is created. You can enter notes into the CRM while calling – Sprinx CTI Client will pre � fills the form for you.
Insert new contact to CRM
If the person you are speaking to is not in your CRM yet, you can insert the contact with just one click. You don’t have to fill in the number, Sprinx CTI Client will do it for you. Be more effective – certainly you have better things to talk with your customers about than their telephone numbers.
Installation is easy and makes it possible for administrators to prepare customised configuration files for particular users. Sprinx CTI Client supports a mode of periodical checking communication with a telephony server (so called �heartbeat“). If problems arise, communication is restarted.
Supports wide array of types of switchboards
Sprinx CTI Client communicates with all installations supporting TAPI 3.0. protocol. Sprinx CTI Client supports analogue switchboards, digital switchboards and VoIP (Voice over IP Telephony).
You are not restricted by the manufacturer of your switchboard or firmware version. In the above text all addresses supported by your switchboard are, for easy referece, marked as �telephone numbers“.







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My products are solutions made for people. They create more memorable and efficient communication with their customers.
I would be very happy to receive your thoughts, suggestions and comments. Please contact me with any problems or enhancements you would like to see.

Inheritance for controls and DataGroups with Sprinx CTI

Completion date: July 2012

AutoApproval for Sprinx CTI

Version 2.0.2 :

Creating, modifying and deleting controls and DataGroups through GUI of Sprinx CTI
Adding of controls and DataGroups from database is not an easy task.
Sprinx CTI supports you in this and provides several functionality to be added to your application without a detailed understanding of the underlying TAPI protocol.
Sprinx CTI supports creating, modifying and deleting controls and DataGroups through GUI.
Intuitive and friendly interface is provided to interact with Sprinx CTI.

Unified Com – Sprinx CTI Client Free Download

Version 1.1.4 :

The unification of Sprinx CTI with other tools for Internet telephony. As a result the user doesn�t have to download several components that should be installed in different locations in his workstation.
Sprinx CTI Client supports TAPI 3.0 and supports integration with CRM and virtual assistant available on the Web
The unification of Internet telephony systems is provided in additional component called Unified Com.

„Free of charge“ Changes

Version 1.1.1 :

The release of Sprinx CTI is �free of charge� for all customers. You will receive a license that will prevent you from using it for commercial usage.

„English“ as default interface

Version 1.1.0 :

The new version of Sprinx CTI has changed interface from „German“ to the standard „English“.

Support of generic addresses for DNIS

Version 1.0.2 :

The supporting of DNIS for other than the first extensions has been introduced.

Implementation of Slots for Telephony Server (TS)

Version 1.0.1 :

The new version of Sprinx CTI supports the implementation of Slots for Telephony Server (TS) network protocols.

Implementation of TAPI for TAPI 3.0

Version 1.0.0 :

The new version of Sprinx CTI implementation is available for the implementation of T

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Sprinx CTI Client 2022 Crack is a simple, easy to use and productive tool which helps your Call Center administrator to interact with callers through switches. It provides necessary information about the callers and the contact with you. Users can monitor and prepare callers calls in the shortest time possible.
You can work with it locally, or in the cloud with one of the available hosting plans.
Sprinx CTI Client allows to:
Callers usage monitoring
Filtering callers
Setup callers
Screen calls and contact with you directly from the callers
Record calls
Save and replay recorded calls
View callers contact information
Prepare custom CRM records
Synchronise calls with CRM
Customize Calls and CRM screens
Shorten call queue
View call statistics
Review calls and avoid missing calls
Useful Call Center Features:
– Calls monitoring
– Callers indication
– Filtering of callers
– Setup calls
– Screen calls and contact with you directly from callers
– Recording calls
– Saving and replaying recorded calls
– Searching by phone number or suffix
– Easy search of calls
– View caller statistics
– View callers contact information
– Customizing Call Center screens
– Synchronizing calls with CRM
– Shorten call queue
Additional features of Sprinx CTI Client:
– Command line Interface
– Command line client
– URL calls
– Speed dials
– Call recording
– Call scripts
– Toll free calls
– VoIP
– Angles
– Dial dialler
– Internet call
– Dial to CRM
– Email calls
– Marketing calls
– Unlimited dialers
– Texts
– Programmable extension dialing
– Monitoring of lost calls
– Preparation of busy calls
– Pre dialing via notes
– Setup dialers
– Direct connection
– With CRM integration
– With API
– With change of plans
– With redirection
– With supervision of extension
– With translation
– With paging
– With transfer
– With supervision of speaker
– One number for multiple accounts
– Quality and / or fair listening
– Voicemail
– Call-back
– Long call
– Extensions
– Self dialing
– Data porting
– Up to 10 customizable parameters
– Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
– All known switchboards
– TAPI 3.

Sprinx CTI Client

„Sprinx CTI Client“ is an extremely easy to use software for automatic call distribution. You can configure the program with several telephone numbers. If a call comes in, the program automatically chooses the best number to route to. The call can be handed off to a new number when the first number is busy. Automatic calling of extension numbers works well in projects in which the number of extension phones is small. Calls can be beamed directly to a fixed line. The program provides all the functions you need to control and visualize the calls. The displayed list shows all telephony and CRM data.
There are plenty of additional features, such as the ability to connect to custom made switchboards, and the flexibility of handling multiple phone lines.
Do not have any special knowledge in programming, the installation is easy.
When communicating with a switchboard you must first of all define the numbers to be handled. The first list in the main window is about the internal phone numbers. It is possible to assign several telephone numbers to one extension and the extension numbers. You can define each number to go to a different extension.
The second list in the main window shows telephony numbers. These are all telephony numbers, not necessarily of your extensions.
The options that can be set in the dialog are:

One of the unique features of the software is that you can log into your CRM (if you have one) when the application is installed on your computer and all the telephone numbers assigned to your CRM. You can choose the data to be displayed for each number and the order in which it should be displayed.
When you log into your CRM, it is possible to add the called and calling telephone numbers and the notes of the call to the CRM. (Field names are used from your CRM.)
You can configure the program to work with the external telephones of your switchboard. All the configuration settings of the switchboard are carried out through the main window.
The program includes several tools for analyzing the incoming data. You can run a trace, which shows the last 50 messages in the log. You can also watch the incoming numbers.
A good administrator can save a configuration file and distribute it to others, thus making the software easier to use. The configuration file can be modified and you can add your own telephone numbers and custom functions.
The program can be monitored and controlled through the data that is displayed on the screen. Once a list of phones has been defined, you can log on

What’s New In Sprinx CTI Client?

Sprinx CTI Client allows you to display names and telephone numbers from your CRM directly on your desktop and bring up relevant information on a pre-defined number of contacts. This allows the you be instantly prepared to take the call.Fluid streams, such as air and liquid, contain contaminants. Contaminants in the form of particulates, such as dust, smoke, soot, and fumes, should be filtered out of the air in order to meet a variety of environmental requirements. The removal of contaminant-containing air may be required in a variety of situations, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings.
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Cylindrical media filters, for example, in “basket” style filters, have also been used. “Basket” style filters use a ring of filter media that is placed about a tube and secured by a retaining ring. Such filters are shown, for example, in U.S.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10
CPU: Intel Core i3-8100 or equivalent, AMD Athlon II X4 620 or equivalent
VGA: 1024 x 768
HDD: 20 GB
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
System requirements may vary by server.
UPDATE: A few more changes were made to the client after initial release, including a change to the “Weekend Mode” setting to no longer require players to be below level 10

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