The TileWindows application was designed to be a small program that tiles all non-minimized windows in the same way that Windows 3.11 did. It is also possible to cascade all windows. This is enabled in Windows XP, but only when using the mouse, this programs enables it from the commandline.







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There are many programs on the market that let the user tile windows, but no one out there does it in the way that TileWindows does it. It is designed to be small, for speed, when compared to other programs with the same functionality and does not force the user to be confined to a tile size of 300 pixels.
TileWindows is compiled with the Microsoft Visual Studio version 6.0.
TileWindows Features:
TileWindows consists of two applications, TileWindows.exe and TileWindows Properties.
TileWindows.exe is a commandline application, that disables the minimize and maximize buttons on all the windows that the user is running. This application has many commands to suit everyones needs.
TileWindows Properties is a GUI application, that will allow you to start with one window, which is specified by the user, and then start it up and close all the other windows that are currently open.
TileWindows Properties:
TileWindows Properties has two versions, the GUI version and the command line version. Each of these have their own features and set of commands.
TileWindows Properties Features:
TileWindows Properties is a GUI application. This will allow the user to tile all of their windows in a manner similar to that of Windows 3.11. You can specify the number of tiles that you want to cascade, which will start with your single main window, and then cascade all the windows you are running.
TileWindows Properties can also be set up to start with one window and close all the windows that are currently open. This feature is very useful and can be enabled at any time. This version also allows you to create shortcuts for all of your windows that you have open. It is also possible to change the size of your tile window.
TileWindows Properties Command Line:
TileWindows Properties has the same features as the GUI, however, it is much faster to use the command line version.
TileWindows Properties Commands:
The TileWindows Properties Command Line has the same commands as the GUI version.
TileWindows GUI:
The TileWindows GUI has many features, such as;
Add a short cut for all of your windows you have open.
View all of your windows by dragging the window title bar
Change the size of your tiles by dragging the window’s title bar.
View all of the windows that you have open, with their display state.
Change the theme, color schemes and backgrounds for TileWindows.
Create your own color schemes.
Save and load themes and colors

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TileWindows 2022 Crack also gives you the option of a Window shade. This enables you to put selected windows in full screen, providing you with a menu bar, taskbar, and an icon in the system tray.

TileWindows Options Dialog:

Tile Windows Features:

Cascade All Windows

Command Line Options

Window Shading

Recommended Windows System: Windows 98, NT4, 95, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. (You can use this program in-system, that’s where the additional program access is required).

TileWindows In-system (Windows Installer)

TileWindows Installer Description:

TileWindows Installer allows you to install TileWindows from inside your chosen Windows installation. I.e. You have a working Windows XP system, but don’t have TileWindows, this is the easy way to get TileWindows. By installing TileWindows in-system, you don’t need to remove or modify the original installation, it works without any problems.

TileWindows Installer Options Dialog:

Tile Windows Installer In-system Features:

TileWindows Installer is capable of both installing to system32 and to user32 directories. There’s a lot of options.

Advanced Options Dialog:

TileWindows Installer Advanced Options:

Advanced Options In-system (Windows Installer)

The Advanced Options In-system (Windows Installer) option allows you to define a custom disk location to store the program files. This is handy if you install this application into a portable disk drive, and want the application to be able to be installed into other partitioned disk drives.

Troubleshooting TileWindows:

TileWindows has worked on all systems I’ve tried it on.

TileWindows in-system (Windows Installer)

TileWindows Installer in-system (Windows Installer)

Alternative Applications:

TileWindows Lite (also works in-system)

TileWindows Lite Description:

TileWindows Lite (or TileWindows for Windows 10, since it doesn’t support Windows 7 or 8) is basically TileWindows, but has only one main menu option, „Tile Windows“. This is the lessened version of TileWindows.

TileWindows Lite Features:

TileWindows Lite Features:

Tile Windows Lite is designed to be a slimmed-down version of TileWindows,


Windows 3.11 (or earlier) tiled all non-minimized windows by default. This is often quite a big improvement. When you minimize a window, if there is another window minimized, it will tile windows in that way.
1) It also it easy to configure the number of splits.
2) You can cascade all windows, to do that, go to Tools->TileWindows->General->Cascades all windows
TileWindows is available in the Internet Depot.
Use the release version of TileWindows, not the trial version.
Version 1.0a, released 11-Jan-2003 (12-Jan-2003)
Size: 70KB (60KB)
Files: – Main executable.
TileWindows.msi – Msi Setup
TileWindows.txt – Installation instructions.
Main Features:
Saves all settings on a per user basis.
Possibility to change the amount of tiles for all windows.
If you have programs that you only want to tile, select it in the programs list.
If you have a program that tiles windows by default, use the „Tile all windows“ button and uncheck the „Tile only minimized windows“ button.
TileWindows will mark any program that tiles by default, if you want to remove it from the list, select it and click the „Remove“ button.
TileWindows can cascade any program on the list, this is off by default.
Installing TileWindows:
1) Browse to TileWindows.msi, double-click it, and follow the instructions.
2) Reboot your computer.
3) Make sure you’re logged on as an Administrator.
TileWindows Alternatives:
TileMenu is an alternative, but it runs in a separate menu. However, this program is a terminal application, so you need admin privileges and change to a run mode. You may want to wait until they have their own „New Features“ program, as it is almost identical to my program.
If you want an auto tile program, check out one of the auto tile programs, like, Automate.

Sample scenario 1) Running programs:
Here we are running the programs Title, FireFox, Notepad, and Calculator, and we want the tiling to occur.

Sample scenario 2) Closed programs:
Here we are running a title bar only program, but there is no window. We want to keep it all on one tile,

What’s New in the TileWindows?

TileWindows is an independent implementation of „Cascade Windows Tiles“ introduced in Windows 3.11.

HxH – Slide to unlock, and other slide to unlock programs.

Lux Logix;

LuxLogix – LUX Logix is a touchscreen interface development application (Engine) for Interactive kiosks, vending machines, and other Interactive Digital signage devices.

LuxLogix Description:
LuxLogix is an interactivity engine which works with LUX Logix apps. LUX Logix apps can be written in a JavaScript programming language, which allows for some simple gesture based movement. You can also write your own interactivity using LUX Logix Basic programming language.

LuxLogix Basic:
LuxLogix Basic is the basic scripting programming language. Basic is a high level scripting language with a similar syntax to scripting languages such as Visual Basic and AutoLisp. Basic supports, as well as more advanced features and much more simple syntax than is seen in Visual Basic.

LuxLogix Touch:
LuxLogix Touch is an application engine which provides all the necessary runtime components to control an external LuxLogix sign using a touchscreen.

LuxLogix Touch XT ScrollPad:
LuxLogix Touch XT ScrollPad is the developer’s touchscreen in LuxLogix Touch.

Live2Know – Windows wallpaper to alternate between images.

Live2Know – Windows wallpaper to change wallpaper every day; Has a cron feature to make it run on its own.

Live2Know Description:
Live2Know allows the desktop to be turned into a configurable screen saver. It allows you to use the background image, choose what program to run in the background, choose which program is to open when you leave your desktop (leave my desktop) and much more.

MagicMod – Magic Mod is a small utility that works with the Magic Mod Toolkit. Magic Mod allows you to create many types of modular effects. It can be used to change images on the screen, change windows to different ones when a program starts or loads, create fading effects and much more.

Magnify – Magnify is an application to magnify the image in the foreground.

Maddness – Tool for making IPTV.

MagicMod Description:
This utility is a utility to create many types of modular effects. It can be used to change images on the screen, change windows to

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 (64-bit) or Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 2.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 or ATI Radeon HD 2600
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Additional Notes: The feature-

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