The Unison-ssh utility was developed for users of the Unison file synchronizer under Windows. The thing is, Unison needs SSH and that isn’t so straightforward under Windows. Many people instead use the almost-equivalent Plink and then have some kind of wrapper around it. Unison-ssh is a particularly convenient wrapper.
Notes. If you already have an ssh.exe on your system, then it probably works fine already and you don’t need unison-ssh at all. Unison-ssh is merely a wrapper around Plink. If you already have plink installed somewhere on your path, then that will be used. If you don’t, then unison-ssh contains a copy and will automatically install that copy in your windows directory.


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Unison-SSH Crack Mac is a simple utility, designed for use with Plink. It will launch Plink, give it the user name and password which has been provided, and it will then remove that user name and password. Plink will be launched and then closed, allowing the user to start Plink in their own way.
Unison-SSH Author:
This utility is the brainchild of LRCG.
Unison-SSH Notes:
Unison-SSH was written with the intention of:
1) making it easier for windows users to use unison when the best way to do it is via the control panel 2) having the utility mostly contained in a single file, so it can be made available as a zip file from C:\Users\$USER\
Notes on Unison-SSH:
Unison-SSH can only be used for Unison File Sync.
Unison-SSH does not allow for passwordless access. If you want to use unison without using any user names and passwords, then consider trying Unison File Sync from the Unison site.
Unison-SSH also cannot change the host keys. So if they are changed by Windows Firewall or similar, then unison-ssh will not be able to work in unison.
Unison-SSH cannot be used with the Windows versions of Free File Synchronizer, Trisync, Free Unison File Synchronizer or any other FTPS/SFTP-based utility.
Unison-SSH will need to be run as Administrator to be successful.

How To Install Unison-SSH On Windows

Unison-SSH was developed with the idea of being able to run as a zip file from C:\Users\$USER\ folder. If you already have Plink on your system, then no other install is necessary.
Simply download Unison-SSH for whatever arch you have from C:\Users\$USER\
The following is how to install Unison-SSH under Windows Vista (64bit).

Extract the file from the archive.

Open the Unison-SSH folder in Windows Explorer (or File Manager on Windows XP).

Rename Unison-SSH.exe to unison-ssh.exe.

Move the unison-ssh.exe to C:\Program Files\Unison File Synchronizer.

Make sure the user running the Unison File Synchronizer service is

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This is merely a wrapper for the Plink SSH client. So it basically does nothing. That’s what this package is for.
But, if you want to create this file, you can get the official docs here:

If you have any comments or questions, add some.


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Unison-SSH is a Windows wrapper around the command line utility plink1.exe. This command line tool is included in some Linux installations. I find that plink1.exe only works as expected on cygwin. I couldn’t get mingw’s plink.exe to work. Instead, I get the error message that plink.exe is not available.
The plink command line tool provides a secure way of connecting to a UNIX server using a ssh2 connection or alternatively to connect to an ssh2 server using a password-based authentication. Other features, such as compression and ssh1 support, are provided by using plink with the -ssh2 and -ssh1 switches.
You can find a slightly different description of Unison-SSH on this page.
The version 1.0.4 is the one that I have been using to test and, since then, upgrade to Unison 2.20.3


The installation process is very simple, just follow the instructions on the website.


Using python rfc2822_header to encode a password

I’m using python to get the users password for a login to a system.
I’m building up a command for curl to send to the login page to login (I’m not going to post this because it’s too long :))
I’m trying to decode the password back to a string which I could use on the system without storing it in cleartext in a database. I’m building it up using Python’s basic data types:
>>> encoded = rfc2822_header.header(„login“, „testuser“,
>>> encoded
>>> encoded.decode(„base64“)

This produces the base64 encoded string shown, but when I try to decode it back to a Python string, it fails with the following error:
>>> encoded.decode(„base64“)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File „“, line 1, in
File „/usr/lib/python2

What’s New in the?

This utility will run unison and create an xml file documenting what it does and how it does it. The xml file can then be inspected for informative purposes and it will do this as often as you prefer to.
Installing Unison-SSH
If you already have unison-ssh installed, then skip to the section below about using unison-ssh.
If not, then we’ll proceed with Unison-SSH being a new program. In that case, you can run the Unison-SSH installer to get started. Please note that it will launch a window in the foreground so it will take over the Unity desktop. You can leave the window open or you can terminate it and then use the Plink utility to connect and use unison-ssh to get started. Plink is a nifty program which will transparently connect to any port of any other program on your system, so you don’t need to set anything up. That’s what Unison-SSH is for.
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Make sure that you use an x64 version of Plink, not an x86 version and make sure that you have the x64 version of Unison installed. For x64 installations, use the x64 version of Unison.
Windows 8
It doesn’t seem that there is a Plink x64 version on the web so you need to use the x64 version of Plink and you will need the x64 version of Unison for that.
Unison-SSH Installation
Please note that the Unison-SSH installer requires Unity 3D. It also requires that Windows Defender is disabled. If it wasn’t disabled, then you would still be able to run it, but it would notify you that it would be disabled.
After you run the installer, you’ll be prompted to select your username and your password and then an xml file will be created in a folder of your choosing with information about how unison-ssh works.
Unison-SSH Usage
Then, you’ll need to run unison-ssh with the following parameters.

username – the username for the unison-ssh process to run as

host – the host of the computer on which unison-ssh is running

unison_opts – a comma-separated list of the options you wish to pass

Logical Options
An option is a [option-name] where option-name is one of the options described in the following list.

System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.9.4 or later
256 MB RAM
1024 x 768 Display
Team Fortress 2
A Steam account is required to play Team Fortress 2.
If you are using a PC in front of a TV, please ensure the TV is capable of displaying the Steam In-Game Overlay. In other words, it is recommended to use a high quality high resolution display.
If you are using a Mac, please ensure you have the

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